Monday, October 26, 2015

Commercial Key Management System

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Keys play significant role when it comes to the security of a business or commercial properties. There are many benefits of having the right type of key giving access to your business property. However, if such key will fall into the wrong hands for example, the business will have a lot to lose. To improve security and avoid these types of security breaches happening to your business property, implementing a key management system is very important.

Even though implementing a key management system include standard keys, it does make those keys significantly unique in a way that they will control the access to high security areas in the property as well as tracking where those keys were used. This way, the manager or owner of the business property will be able to determine who is in the property where and when. Other advantages are the assurance that only authorized employees will have access to certain keys depending on their security clearance, awareness of key copies that were not returned, and more.

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One of the main purposes of implementing a key management system is minimizing the risk of keys being replicated by people who are not authorized to do so. Although such system cannot eliminate the risk completely of duplicating the keys, it does help enforcing the restriction by only enabling authorized personnel to get the correct key blanks for the duplication. The design of such management system is patented in a way that any unauthorized duplication attempt at the local hardware or locksmith shop would be denied.  

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Monday, October 19, 2015

Smartphone Locks

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Each day smartphones seem to do more and more such as from reading a fingerprint in order to access certain apps on the phone, or even be used like a credit card to pay for something at the store. Nowadays, smartphones are capable of unlocking locks. Smart locks that are managed and operated by smartphones are becoming more and more popular especially on residential and some commercial applications.

Locks as a purpose to secure doors for businesses and homes have been in used for thousands of years. However, the form of operating them has changed significantly. Since the biggest disadvantage in managing keys is the fact that they can be easily misplaced, copied, or stolen, key-less entry locks have become an appealing security solution. Key-less entry locks will normally come in a form of electronic type locks which will be operated by a keypad interface or access card systems which will be difficult to bypass. Another advantage of having a key-less entry lock system is the fact that it can be easily adjusted and changed in case there is a security threat that has been recognized.

Locks that are operated and managed by smartphones work a little different than the standard key-less entry lock systems. Right now, smartphone locks are mostly popular on residential properties and require a special app to be downloaded to the smartphone or even the tablet in order the be managed and operated. Depending on the type of lock and manufacturer, some will use WiFi network in order for the smartphone to interact with the lock while others will use Bluetooth technology.

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There are many models of smartphone locks that come with unique features that intended to make the life of the user much easier as well as increasing the level of security. There are several models in the market that are equipped with a small camera that has the capability to take a picture of any individual who will attempt to unlock the door. This can assist in better access control as it can alarm on any unauthorized access. Other models may have the option to be unlocked over a network connection by an authorized user remotely.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Commercial Property Electronic Locks

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With today's technology, there are many unique innovative products in the market that help improve our quality of life. Security has been a major part in the progress of technology. Nowadays, there are many types of electronic locks that are provide ultimate protection and advance features.

Electronic type locks will normally will not be operated using a key like the traditional mechanical lock but by an electric current. There are many references in the market to electronic locks but the most common type is a smart lock. These can usually be found as a standalone complete unit that is incorporated with a lock or can be combined with an access control system where it will control all the locks in the property. An access control system will give better control in the property security as keys or access rights can be easily added or removed. The added benefit to that is the fact that the locks will not have to be re-keyed in case of a security breach. In addition, most access control systems allow user audit which help to keep track on users accessibility throughout the property.

An electronic lock operation is simple and can be defined using a simple magnetic key card to allow access or even a fingerprint if a bio-metric form of electronic lock is being used. The type of electronic lock being used in a business property will depend on the the property's security needs. Many commercial properties such as banks and government buildings which require high level of security are now using bio-metric form of electronic locks.

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Europe seem to be ahead of the curve when it comes to incorporating electronic locks in commercial properties. Many businesses there are now using advance electronic locks that has multiple mode feature. The different modes can be set to control the lock system on the door in a way that on certain hours only the latch would be required to be unlocked in order to access the property where else on other hours both the latch and the deadbolt (if equipped) will need to be unlocked to gain access. This does not necessarily mean that both form of locking mechanism will share the same access key mechanism.

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