Thursday, July 23, 2015

Automotive Transponder Keys

Locksmith Portland transponder keys
With many make and model vehicles technology in recent years, replacing a key will cost more than what it use to be in the 80's, 90' and beforehand. Nowadays, if you need a new key made for your newish vehicle, a charge in the dealership can start at $200 and go up from there. The factor of the highest cost is not the actual cutting of the key, but the programming itself. All vehicles today are equipped with a transponder type system which require programming the key to work with the vehicle.

It seem however, that many locksmith companies will not only charge less to make a key and program it than the dealer, but also will come to you making it on the spot unlike a dealership where you may need to get your car towed there. Most of the locksmith companies in the area will have similar equipment to what the dealer has in order to make and program the key but will still charge significantly less.

Portland locksmith transponder key
Because keys for most make and model nowadays are very expensive, many people will try to go on a different route and order the keys online. However, each particular key will have a unique chip that intended to work only with a particular vehicle. Because of that, many dealerships and locksmith companies will not agree to program a key they did not supply or came from a reliable source only because they will not want to be liable in case of a malfunction. In order to have the correct key for a vehicle, a dealership or an automotive locksmith technician will need information such as exact make and model and the VIN number.

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Monday, July 6, 2015

Padlock Solution

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There are many types of lock solutions that are available for almost anything that needs securing like cabinets and lockers for example. For these types of applications, there are many different kinds of padlocks that are available in the market to accommodate almost any size of residential or commercial storage application. They often can be recognized by the curved shackle that was shaped in order to secure the cabinet or locker conveniently. A padlock is considered to be a cheap way to secure some of the things you wish to protect whether if its in your cabinet at home or a locker at the gym.

Most padlocks are normally made from heavy duty materials such as steel or brass and they come in several different types either a key or a combination. Because they are made of heavy duty materials they can withstand most types of weather which enables them to be used on outdoor applications as well. Another advantage of being made from heavy duty material which can sometimes hold burglars as well, especially if the padlock is of a steel material.

Locksmith Portland Combination Padlock
It doesn't really matter what type of padlock you will choose to secure your application (key or combination), both will have similar locking mechanisms and most likely will do the job for you. The advantage of having a combination type lock is the fact that you will not have to deal with tracking a key. Choosing a combination padlock can be done with a preset code or one that you can set by yourself. If you want the best of both worlds, you can probably find a padlock that have both combination and key options where the key would serve as a backup purpose in case the code was forgotten.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Rim Locks

Locksmith Portland deadlatch lock
One type of locking mechanism that is popular on both residential and commercial applications is a rim lock. This type of mechanism will normally be installed on the door itself versus a mortise type lock which would be installed inside the door itself. These types of locks are very popular all over the world and have been in use for many decades. Typically, a rim lock will be mated with other types of locks which makes it an adaptable solution to fit different particular security needs.

A traditional rim lock which is normally installed in the inside of a door will normally lock itself automatically each time you close the door. A rim lock that will operate this way will normally have a spring loaded mechanism in which will have some sort of a latch to be used for opening the door from the interior of the door while a key will be used for the exterior. A common security issue with these types of locks is the fact that they can be easily pried open. However, if a dead-latch would be installed, it will prevent this type of break-in attempts as this type will require a key from both sides in order to be unlocked.

If you wish to have an increased security, we would recommend installing a deadbolt type rim latch with can be resemble to a traditional deadbolt. Although it would lack the advantage of a standard rim lock with a spring loaded mechanism, it will give you the security you need and desired.

Rim locks will normally have more appearance quality than security. They are considered to be an auxiliary type locks and will lack security qualities most of the time. It is strongly recommended whenever you have these types of locks installed, to have a secondary type of lock installed as well for added and maximum security for your home.

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