Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Padlock Types

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Most of people do not realize, but a padlock can be very useful in providing security for many things around the house or other residential properties. It can be used to lock-up cabinets that contain important things, tool boxes, or other things that you don't want children in the house will have access to. There are many types of padlocks and different sizes in the market such as ones that are used with a key or ones that are used with a code.

The question to be asked is what would be the best padlock that will suit your needs? It will mostly depend on what the padlock would be needed for. With many types of padlocks in the market, there are many levels of protection. To take things into consideration, think about how important is the object your will use the padlock for to protect it or is it going to be used outdoor or indoor.

Locksmith Portland combination padlockOne of the most common type of padlocks many people use is a combination padlock. However, most types of combination padlocks available in the market have very low level of security as they are fairly easy to pick open. Some combination type of padlocks will come with a feature which will allow the user to reset the code in case it was forgotten.

The second type of padlock is one that operated by a key. Although it will add to your need of managing more keys, this type of padlock will deliver the highest level of security you desire. These padlocks are normally divided into 2 types of locking mechanisms. One would use a locking bolt where the other will use the traditional pins. Those 2 types of locking mechanisms will ensure that only the matching key will be able to unlock the lock.

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