Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Cutting Edge Locks

Locksmith in Portland Schlage touchscreen locks
The most recent cutting edge home locks permit you to give access to relatives, administration individuals and visitors, and to track passage without requiring additional keys or agonizing over security. Each of these extraordinary locks approaches the issue of access differently, from utilizing a Smartphone style touch-pad to the one touch "enchantment" opening permitted by a Bluetooth Low Energy lock. Adapting more about the sorts of cutting edge home security locks accessible can offer you some assistance with choosing the new type of lock that is ideal for your home.

Looking for the same the security offered by many business and commercial properties? By requesting a numeric code to permit section, touch screen locks permit just those with authorized code to enter the home. The touch screen interface is combined with an intense deadbolt style lock and offers key access also. On the off chance that you are tired of losing your keys or essentially need a better approach to secure your home, then a touch screen lock will work for you. Touch-screen locks like Schlage's line of products for example not just look innovative and jazzy; they make it simple to secure your home, as well.

Bluetooth locks Portland locksmithOpen your home using your Smartphone with a cutting edge lock that interfaces with an application. This sort of device uses cutting edge encryption consolidated with a Bluetooth interface to secure your home. An application controlled lock is especially useful in the event that you travel or have household workers, since you can give a devoted access code to various clients. Give a one-time code that will terminate at a given point or a consistent code for service providers and you won't need to stress over additional keys floating around. Some locking frameworks additionally give the capacity to permit remote access when desired; a doorbell camera permits you to see "who's there" from wherever you are and figure out whether access ought to be allowed or denied on the spot.

Regardless of which type of lock you pick, the most ideal approach to really secure your home and prevent unapproved access is to have the new framework introduced by an expert. An expert locksmith can examine your home, the existing setup and your needs and think of an answer that suits your family security needs.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Access Control Security

Locksmith Portland Access Control key card
Alternate can be tough — in particular when it looks like something is operating normally the way it is. An access control system that can be implemented by a professional locksmith offers organizations with a wealth of advantages that could make the exchange nicely worth it. It will provide the benefit of comfort and safety to saving money and time.

Extended security: in contrast to traditional keys that can be without difficulty copied, cards that are used in an access control system and are operated within it, require greater skills and knowledge to copy. In addition, you could instantly delete the entry code of an employee who now not working for you. This substantially reduces the chance of having a disgruntled worker coming again to cause damage to your business or harass your different personnel.

Changing your locks could be a factor of the past. Did you or an employee lose a key card? Not like the times of past when a lost key meant you had to have the locks re-keyed or even modified, the only thing you will need to do with the system is removing that particular key code from your database or converting the entry code. In addition to saving cash via now not having to have the locks modified, key cards will save a sizable quantity of time at some stage in which your commercial property will probably vulnerable.

Portland locksmith access control systemThe benefit of making use of an access control system is clear in relation to coming into and leaving distinctive areas in your business property. For plenty businesses, this calls for distinct keys that can bring about plenty of fumbling, time wasted and frustration. With a key card, you could provide personnel with entry access to areas they need in the building by using particular permissions related to their key card. One quick swipe permits them in through doorways where they're needed.

Immediate oversight of what's occurring at your enterprise’s entry factors. Every time a person logs in the usage of an electronic access key, its use is also logged inside the system. This selection is vital when it comes to monitoring such valuable information as reaction times. It also allows you to effectively check out illegal occurrences such as theft, trespassing, vandalism and others.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Home Security Tips

Portland locksmith home security
Many people may not feel safe while sleeping in their own home. Some people wake up during the night from every little bump or noise. A home is a place for you to feel safe and have peace of mind. Here at NorthWest Locksmith Portland we have several tips for you in order to make your home feel a little safer, so you can sleep well at night without worrying about intruders breaking into your home.

The most obvious thing you should do before going to bed is make sure all the doors and windows in your home are locked. Windows locks are always recommended to be used since windows are one of the common point of entries used by intruders. Keeping your keys in a safe place is also important as many intruders that break into homes tend to target car keys in order to steal your vehicle.

Locksmith Portland alarm systemCalling a local locksmith is always a good idea to provide some insights regarding the level of security of your home. Quality locks are important, especially on the front or back door of your home. Locks that are old or are starting to malfunction can be easily forced open by intruders. A locksmith will be able to examine the locks and recommend replacement quality locks where needed. There are many types of locks with decent level of security for an affordable price.

Last but not least is an alarm system. Many intruders tend to stay away from homes that are equipped with an alarm system since they are not only risking being disturbed by the residents of the house and possibly the neighbors, but also risking getting caught by the police since many alarm systems are connected to the Police emergency dispatch system.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Automotive Key Origination

Locksmith Portland Key makeBefore, people use to go to the dealership every time they needed to have a key originated for their vehicle because the original key was lost or got stolen. If you didn't have a spare key, it meant you had to get your vehicle towed to the dealer in order for them to complete the service for making the key. Not only the key itself cost few hundreds of dollars, the towing fee itself added couple hundreds to the expense as well.

Aside from the price, it was most likely you had to wait several hours or days for the service to be completed depending on the work schedule of the dealership. However, with many mobile locksmith companies offering key origination services for much less cost, the hassle of going to the dealership for a key is no longer the case.

The biggest disadvantage of going to the dealership to have a key made for your vehicle was the fact that the vehicle had to be towed to the dealership location which added significantly to the expense of the situation. The reason the vehicle needs to be present in order to have the key made is the fact that are special machines that are required for that process which require the vehicle, especially if its equipped with a transponder system. Nowadays, most locksmith companies that offer mobile services have this type of equipment in the service vehicles, so the technicians are able to do all the work on the customer's location.

Portland locksmith transponder key
Calling a locksmith company that offers key origination services instead of the dealership not only save the money on towing and possibly on the actual key make, but also save a great amount of time as most companies will be able to provide the service the same day with an average response time of 30 minutes. This will ensure you will be able to go back to your daily routine as fast as possible.

Access Control System

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Monday, November 30, 2015

Malfunctioning Door Lock

Locksmith Portland stuck key in lock
A mechanical lock system is normally prone to fail at some point due to wear and tear in time which can affect the security of your home. Some of the locks in the market have mutual issues that may occur to affect the functionality of the lock. Following several simple steps, you can determine if its a minor issue or a serious one which may require the help of a professional locksmith.

Sometimes, as we rush to get inside our homes coming back from a long day of work, a situation where the key just won't fit in the lock may occur. In such instant, making sure you inserted the right key is important as you can cause damage to the cylinder of the lock by forcing a foreign key. If in fact you determined that it is the correct lock you inserted, look at the option of spraying some lubricant through the key-way such as WD-40. It could be that the temperatures outside are fairly low which may cause the internals of the lock to freeze which in such case heating up the key before inserting it might help.

Forcing a key through the key-way and attempting to unlock the door in such situation is never a good idea as you can risk breaking the key inside the cylinder. If in fact you managed to break a key inside the cylinder, before calling a professional locksmith, you can attempt to pull the broken piece of the key out using a pair of pliers. If that attempt failed, the lock may need to be taken apart in order to extract the piece from the back of the cylinder.

Portland locksmith misaligned lock
Other things that can affect the proper operation of a lock are the door accessories such as the strike plate. Sometimes the latch won't catch properly inside the door frame which may point to the fact that the strike plate is not correctly aligned. In such case, a new mortise would need to be crated for the strike plate or the hinges of the doors would need to be shimmed.

For more information about possible door lock malfunctions and solutions, contact NorthWest Locksmith Portland (503) 825-2124.

Residential Lock Repair

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Monday, November 23, 2015

Home Security Assessment

Portland locksmith home security
In today's economy, the home security field is constantly making efforts to improve and develop new innovations at an affordable price that will be effective to the security of your home. If you were looking to make a change to the security of your home, now might be a good time to browse the various options in the market and see where you can improve the security of your home at a reasonable price. As new technologies in the home security field are continue to develop, residential types security lock systems have never been more effective than now.

The first step in the process of shopping for the right lock system for your home would be to assess the type of security that you need in order to properly protect your home. Few things to determine first would be the level of crime in the area of your home, police response time to calls, and others that may affect the type of lock you decide to choose for your home security.

In addition to a proper lock system that would help you to secure your home, an alarm system would be a nice addition as well. Today's alarm systems are much more sophisticated than before as they can be integrated to certain installed lock systems. Most locks available in the market today have wireless capabilities which enable them to be connected to other security devices in the property.

Locksmith Portland home security system
Some security lock systems can even be connected to video devices, smartphones, computers, and tablet so you are able to monitor the security of your own home even when you are away. This can be done even if you don't have CCTV installed as most professional burglars know to identify and eliminate them in case of a break in attempt. However, with various types of advanced security systems in the market, getting the upper hand is possible in case of an incident.

For advanced home security options information, contact NorthWest Locksmith Portland (503) 825-2124.

Automotive Ignition Key Extraction

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Licensed Locksmith

Portland locksmith lock pick

There might be many locksmith in the Portland are which do not hold any sort of certification or license by the state. A certified and licensed locksmith will offer more safety, security and peace of mind when working on your home, business, or vehicle. The following will explain why it is important to hire a certified and licensed locksmith for your security needs.

State license and certification for a locksmith ensures that the locksmith who will come to your home, work or vehicle to provide the service is indeed qualified and train to do so. Properly trained locksmith technicians will normally use specific techniques and specialty tools that will help getting the job done properly without any damage. This can be true when unlocking a vehicle or a property, and installing or re-key a lock.

Locksmith Portland lock installationMost of the time, people would call a locksmith because they got locked out of their vehicle, home, or office. A properly trained and certified locksmith will be able to assist you with such an emergency with a fast and timely matter and without causing any damage. Fresh lock installation for example needs expertise and the right tools which only a licensed locksmith will have. Key origination for vehicles will most likely could be made by a certified locksmith as special equipment and access to a large automotive database is required for such purpose.

Nowadays, technology is widely used in the security systems industry which includes forms of key-less entry locks and access control systems. an untrained and unlicensed locksmith will unlikely to have the proper skills and knowledge to setup such sophisticated system. A licensed locksmith is normally up to date with the latest technology in the field which includes the proper knowledge, skills and tools to handle it.

Commercial Keypad Lock

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Protecting Your Home

Locksmith Portland window break-in
On a day to day basis we found ourselves doing things to protect those who are close to us. It can be actions we do when we drive in our cars, at work, or even at home. One's home is the most important place to feel safe and secure at all times. Unfortunately, break-ins to residential properties is a crime which is very common around the country. Experts state that a home break-in occurs every 15 sec around the country which affect many homes and family with a sense of insecurity. This statistic may sound horrific, however, the solution can be as simple as following few different steps that will help ensure the security of your home.

Many home intruders tend to target homes which may seem easier to break into than others. Scouting for homes where the windows around the property were left open is on the top of the list for any intruder. Looking for spare keys on common places such as a door mat is also one of the methods home intruders use in order to quickly and easily gain access into homes. These type of things is very important to pay attention to and avoid.

After learning what to avoid when it comes to make it easy on intruders to break into your home, the next step would be making sure all points of entry to your home are properly secure with proper locks. When it comes to residential lock systems, there are many options, but not all can keep your home properly secured. What many don't know is the fact the locks are graded by the American National Standards Institute according to a certain criteria before getting to the stores or your local locksmith. The grades range from 3 to 1 with 1 being the highest quality possible when it comes to durability and reliability.

Portland locksmith lock and hardware
Additional hardware is often overlooked but important as well. Most locks will include additional hardware such as strike plates and mounting hardware. It is recommended looking for those who come with brass or solid steel strike plate and 3 inch long screws. These will ensure resistance in case of a forced entry attempt. Doorjamb reinforcement kit will add extra strength to the door and the locks installed as well.

For more information about turning the security of your home, contact NorthWest Locksmith Portland (503) 825-2124.

Double Cylinder Locks

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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Automotive Lockout

Car lockout Portland locksmith
A scenario many people are familiar with is getting locked out of your vehicle in the least convenient moment. You are late for work getting out from your home, or just done at the grocery store and ready to get all the bags full of groceries inside your vehicle only to realize the keys were left in the ignition switch as you were locking the vehicle. It may be possible or not to resolve the situation without calling a professional locksmith depending on the vehicle make and model as well as the locks on it.

If you got into a situation where you find yourself locked outside of your vehicle, there are few things you can attempt to do in order to gain access before making the decision of calling a professional locksmith or in case you are not able to do so at all. If your vehicle's locking mechanism has buttons on the ledge of the door windows, with the help of a coat hanger, you might be able to pull those button and unlock one of the doors. This can be done by creating a small hook at the end of the hanger and sliding it between the window and the window seal on the side trying to get the loop around the locking mechanism button in order to pull it unlocking the vehicle.

Another good method of gaining entry to a vehicle is through the back seat. This situation involve unlocking the trunk first. If there is an easy access to the trunk of your vehicle , folding the back seats of most make and model vehicles should be fairly simple and would get you an easy access inside the vehicle. For these types of situations you may try hiding a spare key in the trunk just in case. However, on vehicles where the lock release buttons are located on the door handle, most chances that a professional locksmith would be needed in order to gain access,

Locksmith Portland lockout service
If you find yourself in this type of lockout situation often, you may want to consider taking few measures. Try think of a spot around the exterior of your vehicle to hide a key. This can be done by putting it inside a magnetic lock box and locate it somewhere no one will attempt to look. In addition, try not to use the power door locks in order to lock your vehicle when you are getting out. This will ensure you will always remember to get the key out of the ignition in order for you to lock the doors manually.

For information about automotive lockout services, contact NorthWest Locksmith Portland (503) 825-2124.

Automotive Ignition Service

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Monday, October 26, 2015

Commercial Key Management System

Key management system locksmith Portland
Keys play significant role when it comes to the security of a business or commercial properties. There are many benefits of having the right type of key giving access to your business property. However, if such key will fall into the wrong hands for example, the business will have a lot to lose. To improve security and avoid these types of security breaches happening to your business property, implementing a key management system is very important.

Even though implementing a key management system include standard keys, it does make those keys significantly unique in a way that they will control the access to high security areas in the property as well as tracking where those keys were used. This way, the manager or owner of the business property will be able to determine who is in the property where and when. Other advantages are the assurance that only authorized employees will have access to certain keys depending on their security clearance, awareness of key copies that were not returned, and more.

Portland locksmith commercial key management system
One of the main purposes of implementing a key management system is minimizing the risk of keys being replicated by people who are not authorized to do so. Although such system cannot eliminate the risk completely of duplicating the keys, it does help enforcing the restriction by only enabling authorized personnel to get the correct key blanks for the duplication. The design of such management system is patented in a way that any unauthorized duplication attempt at the local hardware or locksmith shop would be denied.  

For more information about key management system for commercial properties, contact NorthWest Locksmith Portland (503) 825-2124.

Commercial Lockout Service

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Monday, October 19, 2015

Smartphone Locks

Locksmith Portland smartphone lock
Each day smartphones seem to do more and more such as from reading a fingerprint in order to access certain apps on the phone, or even be used like a credit card to pay for something at the store. Nowadays, smartphones are capable of unlocking locks. Smart locks that are managed and operated by smartphones are becoming more and more popular especially on residential and some commercial applications.

Locks as a purpose to secure doors for businesses and homes have been in used for thousands of years. However, the form of operating them has changed significantly. Since the biggest disadvantage in managing keys is the fact that they can be easily misplaced, copied, or stolen, key-less entry locks have become an appealing security solution. Key-less entry locks will normally come in a form of electronic type locks which will be operated by a keypad interface or access card systems which will be difficult to bypass. Another advantage of having a key-less entry lock system is the fact that it can be easily adjusted and changed in case there is a security threat that has been recognized.

Locks that are operated and managed by smartphones work a little different than the standard key-less entry lock systems. Right now, smartphone locks are mostly popular on residential properties and require a special app to be downloaded to the smartphone or even the tablet in order the be managed and operated. Depending on the type of lock and manufacturer, some will use WiFi network in order for the smartphone to interact with the lock while others will use Bluetooth technology.

Smartphone lock Portland locksmith
There are many models of smartphone locks that come with unique features that intended to make the life of the user much easier as well as increasing the level of security. There are several models in the market that are equipped with a small camera that has the capability to take a picture of any individual who will attempt to unlock the door. This can assist in better access control as it can alarm on any unauthorized access. Other models may have the option to be unlocked over a network connection by an authorized user remotely.

For more information about smartphone locks for your home or business, contact NorthWest Locksmith Portland (503) 825-2124.

Residential Lockout Service

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Commercial Property Electronic Locks

Locksmith Portland access control
With today's technology, there are many unique innovative products in the market that help improve our quality of life. Security has been a major part in the progress of technology. Nowadays, there are many types of electronic locks that are provide ultimate protection and advance features.

Electronic type locks will normally will not be operated using a key like the traditional mechanical lock but by an electric current. There are many references in the market to electronic locks but the most common type is a smart lock. These can usually be found as a standalone complete unit that is incorporated with a lock or can be combined with an access control system where it will control all the locks in the property. An access control system will give better control in the property security as keys or access rights can be easily added or removed. The added benefit to that is the fact that the locks will not have to be re-keyed in case of a security breach. In addition, most access control systems allow user audit which help to keep track on users accessibility throughout the property.

An electronic lock operation is simple and can be defined using a simple magnetic key card to allow access or even a fingerprint if a bio-metric form of electronic lock is being used. The type of electronic lock being used in a business property will depend on the the property's security needs. Many commercial properties such as banks and government buildings which require high level of security are now using bio-metric form of electronic locks.

Biometric lock Portland locksmith
Europe seem to be ahead of the curve when it comes to incorporating electronic locks in commercial properties. Many businesses there are now using advance electronic locks that has multiple mode feature. The different modes can be set to control the lock system on the door in a way that on certain hours only the latch would be required to be unlocked in order to access the property where else on other hours both the latch and the deadbolt (if equipped) will need to be unlocked to gain access. This does not necessarily mean that both form of locking mechanism will share the same access key mechanism.

For more information about increasing the level of security of your business property with electronic locks, contact NorthWest Locksmith Portland.

Automotive Key Make and Programming Services

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Frozen Door Locks

Locksmith Portland frozen door lockAlthough Portland does not considered much of a colder city in comparison to Seattle or other places in the Northwest that usually see snow frequently, it does endure colder temperatures during the pick months of winter. Along with colder temperatures, some weather related inconveniences may occur as well such as bad road conditions, and frozen locks as well!

It can be a frustrating experience coming home from work only to be denied entering your home because the lock on the front door got frozen. A locksmith will be able to assist in these types of situations in addition to provide a solution to the problem making sure it will not occur again. However, on some scenarios of frozen locks, you could try resolve the situation by yourself without having to call a locksmith.

When it comes to the lock on the front door of your home being frozen because of the colder temperatures outside, all that needs to be done is bringing some heat to the lock. First, it is important to remove the ice around the cylinder and key-way. Once the ice is out of the way, the key can be inserted without much difficulties. The cylinder internals may still be frozen a bit, so inserting and removing the key few times might help clear some of the ice from the inside. Be careful not to force anything as the key might break inside the cylinder.

Portland locksmith frozen lock
If the situation seem more worse that it is, heating the key is the second option. If you have a lighter with you, it could be the easiest way to heat up the key. If no lighter is available, you can try by improvising something with your vehicle such as starting the vehicle and placing the key under-hood somewhere that will heat up quickly. Once the key is hot, you can try inset it an play with it inside the lock cylinder which should do the trick. The cause of the locks getting frozen during the winter could be moisture that penetrated the lock during the summertime. Lubricating the lock before it gets cols outside should take care of the moisture and anything else that might bind the lock during the winter.

For more information about locks, lock repair and maintenance, contact NorthWest Locksmith Portland (503) 825-2124.

Schlage Primus

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Monday, August 17, 2015

Interchangeable Core Locks

Locksmith Portland Interchangeable lock
Ever thought about how efficient it would be if you could just have the lock changed or re-key in a matter of seconds? Interchangeable cores is the answer! I/C systems are the most effective way to make changes in the security of your locks. Interchangeable core systems normally come in a form of specific locks where the core cylinder can easily be removed with the help of a special key. This is particularly useful in case of a lost key or if a tenant moved out where a re-key would be needed.

The major advantage in I/C is the fact that the core can be changed without removing the lock. Only the core itself is removed and re-keyed to match a new key to operate the lock on the door. Although it sounds easy to deal it, we still recommend having a professional locksmith do the job of re-keying the core itself. However, if you just swapping cores than it might be a job that can be done without the assistance of a professional.

Interchangeable cores come in different security forms which one of them is a restricted key-way. It offers the highest level of security for Interchangeable core lock systems. Medeco is the company that offers the highest quality restricted key-way systems for I/C locks.

Portland locksmith Interchangeable core locks
The other advantage with Interchangeable core locks is the fact that the keys cannot be duplicated in most places. The keys would be stamped with a do-not-duplicate stamp making sure the key will not be duplicated by an unauthorized individual. These keys however, can be duplicated by most professional locksmith companies who has the necessary equipment.

Interchangeable core locks are fairly more expensive than standard locks and thus are more common for commercial type applications. In many cases, business properties who has a high employee turnaround would be a good candidate for I/C lock systems. Office buildings and apartment complexes can usually benefit from I/C lock systems as well. In general, applications that may need to be re-keyed often would benefit from having an Interchangeable core locks installed.

For more information about Interchangeable core locks, contact NorthWest Locksmith Portland.

Automotive Transponder Systems

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Monday, August 10, 2015

Re-key For Security

Portland locksmith lock re-key
Lock re-key is a step that will restore your peace of mind and the security to your home. However, many times people tend to ask themselves if it's really necessary to have a locksmith re-key the locks at their home. The answer to that question is fairly simple, once you will go over all the critical reasons for a re-key as a security solution to your home.

Moving into a new place can be an exciting time. However, in this type of situation people tend to forget putting an emphasis on the security of their new place. Re-keying is important as part of the moving process since you can never know who had or still has access to your new home. Multiple copies of the keys were most likely been made and passed on to family members of the previous owner and possibly some of the neighbors. This cause a serious security issue which will require a re-key solution.

Do you find yourself managing too many keys for your home? a re-key could fix that! Without noticing, many people end up with multiple set of keys to their home where each key opens a different lock on a door. This can often create confusion which may result in inserting the wrong key to a lock which will end up stuck and break inside the cylinder. Resolve the situation by having all the locks in your home re-keyed and matched to a one particular key.

Locksmith Portland re-key service
Do you feel that the locks or keys to your home are getting worn out to properly function? sometimes, the pins inside a lock cylinder tend to wear out in time which may affect the lock functionality after many years of operation. At the same level, the cuts on the key can start to wear out as well. Re-keying the locks will ensure replacement of all the cylinder internal components with new ones which will help revive the proper operation of the lock.

For more information about re-key services, contact NorthWest Locksmith Portland.

Exit Device and Panic Rim Services

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Monday, August 3, 2015

Lock Preventative Maintenance

Portland locksmith forcing a key
Although it is still summer time here in Portland, before you know it, the winter will be here as well. Many people don't realize, but cold weather during winter time can cause issues with the doors and locks that protect your home. The type of issues cold weather will cause to your locks can be fixed. However, they can be prevented as well, so you won't have to call a professional locksmith and spend the extra money on an issue that could have been prevented.

Lubricating the locks and hinges is important regardless of the weather. However, in cold weather, all the metal and steel components inside a lock can start sticking which may cause the lock mechanism to malfunction. When a lock starts to malfunction due to binding parts, it will show signs of resistance when operating it. Although forcing the lock to open may help, you will take a risk by damaging the lock even more or even breaking the key inside the cylinder.

Locksmith Portland lock lubrication
Normally, using WD-40 to lubricate the internals of the locks including the door hinges will help prevent the lock from malfunctioning as a result of the cold weather. After all, WD initials stands for Water Displacement which means that using WD-40 lubricant will help prevent moisture buildup from freezing inside the lock or other moving parts of the door. It is important to understand however that lubricating the locks and other door hardware will unlikely to solve an issues that occur due to the cold weather, but will prevent the issues from happening if used before as a preventative maintenance.

For more information about preventative maintenance for locks, contact NorthWest Locksmith Portland.

Decorative Handle Sets and Locks

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Automotive Transponder Keys

Locksmith Portland transponder keys
With many make and model vehicles technology in recent years, replacing a key will cost more than what it use to be in the 80's, 90' and beforehand. Nowadays, if you need a new key made for your newish vehicle, a charge in the dealership can start at $200 and go up from there. The factor of the highest cost is not the actual cutting of the key, but the programming itself. All vehicles today are equipped with a transponder type system which require programming the key to work with the vehicle.

It seem however, that many locksmith companies will not only charge less to make a key and program it than the dealer, but also will come to you making it on the spot unlike a dealership where you may need to get your car towed there. Most of the locksmith companies in the area will have similar equipment to what the dealer has in order to make and program the key but will still charge significantly less.

Portland locksmith transponder key
Because keys for most make and model nowadays are very expensive, many people will try to go on a different route and order the keys online. However, each particular key will have a unique chip that intended to work only with a particular vehicle. Because of that, many dealerships and locksmith companies will not agree to program a key they did not supply or came from a reliable source only because they will not want to be liable in case of a malfunction. In order to have the correct key for a vehicle, a dealership or an automotive locksmith technician will need information such as exact make and model and the VIN number.

For more information about automotive transponder keys, contact NorthWest Locksmith Portland.

Automotive Lockout Service

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Monday, July 6, 2015

Padlock Solution

Padlock key Portland locksmith
There are many types of lock solutions that are available for almost anything that needs securing like cabinets and lockers for example. For these types of applications, there are many different kinds of padlocks that are available in the market to accommodate almost any size of residential or commercial storage application. They often can be recognized by the curved shackle that was shaped in order to secure the cabinet or locker conveniently. A padlock is considered to be a cheap way to secure some of the things you wish to protect whether if its in your cabinet at home or a locker at the gym.

Most padlocks are normally made from heavy duty materials such as steel or brass and they come in several different types either a key or a combination. Because they are made of heavy duty materials they can withstand most types of weather which enables them to be used on outdoor applications as well. Another advantage of being made from heavy duty material which can sometimes hold burglars as well, especially if the padlock is of a steel material.

Locksmith Portland Combination Padlock
It doesn't really matter what type of padlock you will choose to secure your application (key or combination), both will have similar locking mechanisms and most likely will do the job for you. The advantage of having a combination type lock is the fact that you will not have to deal with tracking a key. Choosing a combination padlock can be done with a preset code or one that you can set by yourself. If you want the best of both worlds, you can probably find a padlock that have both combination and key options where the key would serve as a backup purpose in case the code was forgotten.

For more info about padlock types, contact NorthWest Locksmith Portland.

Commercial Locks Leading Brands

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Rim Locks

Locksmith Portland deadlatch lock
One type of locking mechanism that is popular on both residential and commercial applications is a rim lock. This type of mechanism will normally be installed on the door itself versus a mortise type lock which would be installed inside the door itself. These types of locks are very popular all over the world and have been in use for many decades. Typically, a rim lock will be mated with other types of locks which makes it an adaptable solution to fit different particular security needs.

A traditional rim lock which is normally installed in the inside of a door will normally lock itself automatically each time you close the door. A rim lock that will operate this way will normally have a spring loaded mechanism in which will have some sort of a latch to be used for opening the door from the interior of the door while a key will be used for the exterior. A common security issue with these types of locks is the fact that they can be easily pried open. However, if a dead-latch would be installed, it will prevent this type of break-in attempts as this type will require a key from both sides in order to be unlocked.

If you wish to have an increased security, we would recommend installing a deadbolt type rim latch with can be resemble to a traditional deadbolt. Although it would lack the advantage of a standard rim lock with a spring loaded mechanism, it will give you the security you need and desired.

Rim locks will normally have more appearance quality than security. They are considered to be an auxiliary type locks and will lack security qualities most of the time. It is strongly recommended whenever you have these types of locks installed, to have a secondary type of lock installed as well for added and maximum security for your home.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Padlock Types

Portland locksmith key padlock
Most of people do not realize, but a padlock can be very useful in providing security for many things around the house or other residential properties. It can be used to lock-up cabinets that contain important things, tool boxes, or other things that you don't want children in the house will have access to. There are many types of padlocks and different sizes in the market such as ones that are used with a key or ones that are used with a code.

The question to be asked is what would be the best padlock that will suit your needs? It will mostly depend on what the padlock would be needed for. With many types of padlocks in the market, there are many levels of protection. To take things into consideration, think about how important is the object your will use the padlock for to protect it or is it going to be used outdoor or indoor.

Locksmith Portland combination padlockOne of the most common type of padlocks many people use is a combination padlock. However, most types of combination padlocks available in the market have very low level of security as they are fairly easy to pick open. Some combination type of padlocks will come with a feature which will allow the user to reset the code in case it was forgotten.

The second type of padlock is one that operated by a key. Although it will add to your need of managing more keys, this type of padlock will deliver the highest level of security you desire. These padlocks are normally divided into 2 types of locking mechanisms. One would use a locking bolt where the other will use the traditional pins. Those 2 types of locking mechanisms will ensure that only the matching key will be able to unlock the lock.

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Monday, May 4, 2015

Restricted Key System

Locksmith Portland Schlage Primus
There are many ways a business owner can protect his property by choosing different types of security lock systems. There are the traditional ways of standard commercial grade locks and there are the more advanced technology of key-less entry locks. Most experienced locksmith technicians offer installation and maintenance services for most of these commercial type locks. However, most of the time, choosing a lock for your business can depend on other variables such as the type of business and budget. A good locksmith will find a good solution for every pocket.

I remember few years ago I got a call from a customer who owns a small store in the area. he recently got broken into his store and he was inquiring regrading higher security lock solutions for his store possibly to prevent another break in incident. According to him, he suspected one of his previous employees to be responsible for the break in. Luckily, I just re-stocked my service van with many types of commercial grade locks, so I had a lot of options to offer.

Once I got to the customer's location, I went with him over the options I thought would be most suitable for his situation and the store. Unfortunately he did not have a large budget, so key-less entry locks were out of the question. He also wanted something more than a Mortise lock since that what he had installed. I told him that the issue probably was the cylinder and a restricted key system might solve the issue. However, that was over his budget as well.

Schlage Primus Portland Locksmith
I gave a call to a Portland locksmith co worker of mine to see if he had any other ideas for increasing the security of the customer's store without going over budget. He suggested looking at installing a Schlage Primus cylinder or possibly re-key the existing cylinder if it was a Schlage type. Luckily, the customer did have a Schlage lock installed and I had extra Primus keys with me in stock from previous jobs. I was able to re-key the cylinder to match the Schlage Primus type key that way no one could duplicate the key in the future in the local hardware store and the customer can now enjoy having the security of a restricted key system with the price of a standard lock system.

Office Application Mortise Lock

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Mercedes Ignition Fix

Locksmith Portland Mercedes Benz
Sometimes there is a very thin line between what an automotive job a locksmith technician can do and what a job can only be done by a mechanic. This is mostly true when it comes to diagnosing ignition issues with a vehicle. Most of the time an issue with the ignition switch will prevent the user from starting the vehicle which at times can be interpreted as a mechanical issue. However, most of the time, not only a locksmith technician will be able to handle it, but also may save the customer some money as dealership can be very expensive most of the time.

I got a call from  a customer once to come and unlock the trunk of an old Buick Regal he had. I never turn down a lockout job on an old GM vehicle ever since I got my vibrating R&D GM pick tool set which makes the job extremely easy and fast to get done. I took the customer's information and started heading his way.

Once I got to the customer's home, it didn't take me very long to unlock the trunk of his Buick with my vibrating GM pick tool set. When I was done, the customer was so surprised by the ease I did it that he asked me if I could take a look at another vehicle he had. The other vehicle the customer wanted me to look at was a 92 Mercedes Benz 300SL, very nice car. The customer said that he has been having problems with it for a while using the ignition switch. Sometimes the key would turn the ignition, but sometimes he would not be able to make it work. He also mentioned that it works fine on the trunk and doors.

Mercedes Benz locksmith Portland
I didn't have much experience working with these old Mercedes models since we normally don't do these type of cars. When I mentioned to him going to dealer, he said that he already did and they wanted a lot of money to repair the problem. I called a Portland locksmith co-worker of mine who I knew had experience with these types of vehicles before. When I got him on the phone, he said that it was a common issue with these older Mercedes since the key is made of steel and the ignition cylinder pins are made of brass which makes them wear in time causing this issue. He said that the ignition cylinder would need to be replaced.

After giving me the instructions how to do it, I took a quick ride to the dealer to get the cylinder I needed to replace. However, in order to to remove the ignition cylinder without taking apart the steering wheel component, I had to turn the ignition to the on position which didn't work because of the issue. I then had an idea to use the GM vibrating pick tool set I had to force the pins to fall at the same time I would turn the key. Fortunately, it worked and I was able to replace the ignition cylinder in no time which made the customer very happy.  

Residential Re-key Solution

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Unlocking Lexus Trunk

Portland locksmith Lexus lockout
As a locksmith technician with many years of experience in the field, I learned that some vehicle are more accessible than others. Meaning, some vehicle models are much easier to get into than others. It mostly depends on the security system of the vehicle and what types of tools are available for the locksmith technician to do the job. Most automotive lockout calls come from customers who left the keys inside the ignition or on the driver seat of their vehicles while locking the door behind them. However, some automotive lockout calls can come from a customer who locked the keys inside the trunk and that is when things would usually become a little trickier.

Few years ago I remember getting a call for a customer who locked the keys inside the trunk of his 03 Lexus. Personally, I didn't have much experience servicing Lexus models before, but I heard that most of them will require a key made or ordered from the dealer in order to get inside the trunk in case of a lockout situation because of their advance alarm system. I didn't have any job on me that day, so I was up for the challenge.

Once I got to the customer's location, I looked up on my automotive guides for the best way to first unlock the vehicle itself and maybe I would be able to use the trunk release in order to pop the trunk. It seemed as the best way to unlock this type of vehicle was using an under the window tool. Because the vehicle was equipped with an alarm system, I knew I would have to have another hand helping me pulling the handle on the same time I would unlock the mechanism before the alarm will lock the mechanism. I had the customer give me a hand and I was able to unlock the vehicle within few minutes.

Lexus trunk lockout Portland locksmith
Next, I reached in for the trunk release, but it was not functioning which I assumed was because the alarm was now activated again. I had to give a call to a Portland locksmith co-worker of mine for some instructions on the procedure to bypass the alarm. According to him, the procedure was very simple. All I needed to do was access the door lock cylinder through a special access port. Once I had it removed, I was able to get to the security switch and activate it with a screwdriver to deactivate the alarm. Once I got the trunk open, the customer was very impressed.

Ignition Switch Repair

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Cougar Key Make

Cougar key locksmith Portland
One the aspects of the job I find challenging as a locksmith technician are the automotive services. There were many times where I found myself coming for a job where the customer called with what it seemed to be a simple issue that turned into an hour or more worth of work. Aside from lockout services, most of the automotive services I would get called for are making keys. Sometimes the vehicle would only need one key that would act as a master key operating all the locks in the vehicle including the ignition and sometimes it would require two keys where one operates the door and trunk locks and one would operate the ignition. However, most of the issues I encountered with were when a vehicle required a master key to be made.

I got a call the other day to make a key for a 99 Cougar. I haven't done many keys for these type of vehicle before, but I did several keys for similar Ford models. I knew I only needed to make one key since similar model Fords that I've worked on needed one "master-key" as well. I quickly checked my inventory to make sure I have the correct blanks to do the job and luckily I had two. I then took the customer's information and started heading his way.

Once I got to the customer's location, first thing I did was to verify the exact model of the vehicle to make sure the blanks I had were the correct ones and they were. Next step I had to decided what would be the method i would use to originate the key for the vehicle. Since the lock and ignition cylinders should have been the same, I've used my EZ-Reader tool to get the right cuts off of the door lock cylinder. Once I had the key made, I went ahead and tried it on the ignition switch but without any success.

Portland locksmith Cougar
It seemed as the key I made worked well on the door lock, but not on the ignition. There was a lot of resistant as I was trying to operate the key through all the positions in the switch. I figured that maybe the semi-faulty key was as a result from using the EZ-Reader tool. I then decided to try and progression a key using the last blank I had which did not work as well. As a last resort, I called a Portland locksmith co-worker of mine to see if he had any more blanks and maybe an advice for me.

Luckily, when I got my co-worker on the phone and telling him the story, he mentioned it was a common problem with these types of ignitions on these models. According to him, the solution was very simple. All I needed to do was locate the two screws holding the ignition switch to the rear of the lock housing and slightly release them while the key is in the ignition until the key operation will be smooth. To my surprise, after following my co-worker advice, both keys seemed to work and the customer was satisfied since now he had two keys.

Commercial File Cabinet Lockout Service

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Re-Key Tip

Schlage re-key Portland locksmith
Among the usual services an average locksmith technician does is a re-key services. Normally, these types of services are often in demand by a commercial or residential customers. A customer may call for a re-key if he just moved into a new place, suspect a stranger might have access to his place, or for other reasons. For the average locksmith technician, a re-key shouldn't be a difficult task. It can be time consuming, but it can be completed without any issues. However, since the lock is needed to be taken apart for this type of service, if not careful, parts from the lock can be lost which will put the technician in a jam.

A few years ago I remember getting a call from a customer who just moved into a new place and needed four locks in his home to be re-keyed. It wasn't so busy that day, so I was able to take the job without setting an appointment for later since I knew it would take a while to complete the service. After taking the customer information over the phone, I was on my way.

Once I got to the customer's place, he gave me a tour around the house, so I could take a look at the locks I would be dealing with and I noticed they were just the average standard Schlage doorknob locks. After finishing the tour, I grabbed my tools from the van and started taking apart the lock, so I could re-key them in my van. The way I usually would tackle a re-key job with multiple locks, is by completing each lock one by one.

Portland locksmith Re-Key Schlage
As I finished the first two locks and moved into the third, I ran into a problem.  When I opened the 3rd lock, one of the springs from the wafers jumped somewhere in my van and I just couldn't find it. That was a problem for me since I didn't have any extra springs I could use instead. Before trying to figure what to do, I decided to complete the 4th lock first before moving on.

After finishing the 4th lock, I decided to call a fellow Portland locksmith friend of mine to see if he was in the area and could help me resolve the situation. Unfortunately, he was not, but he did mentioned something I didn't know. According to him, a new GM door lock should have extra springs in it which are the exact fit with most Schlage model wafer locks. Luckily I did have few of them in stock. Grabbing one to check, I came to find that it was true and the springs were in fact an exact fit. Lucked out, I was able to complete the job as scheduled without any further delays.