Monday, November 24, 2014

Schlage Re-Key

During my years as a locksmith technician, I got called many times for a job to re-pin a Schlage type removable cores. Once the cylinder cap is removed on the Schlage removable core cylinders, a Weiser Cylinder Cap Tool with the round notches can be used and should work just fine. However, the hole that is found on the tool, would need to be covered with a finger possibly in order to prevent the retaining pin from flying away in case the tool will get off center. should the tool get a little off center.

When doing a re-key job on these cylinders, it is a good practice to develop a habit to hold the finger over the control pin as the pins are coming out of the plug. Otherwise, it can be a hassle and a waste of time searching for this specialized pin among the scrap brass or the floor of the service vehicle. Quickly, a control key can be made for these cylinders from a standard 6-pin blank by filing the shoulder back to match a 7- pin blank. Next, the customers key can be duplicated, and in the seventh space cut the key to a #6 depth. Now, the cut would need to be ran off the tip of the blank so the tip would be flat.

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Friday, November 7, 2014

Transponder Key Fix

Transponder keys are very common throughout the car industry in Europe, and are very much popular in the U.S. as well. I came across a way for servicing one of these units when a key has been broken and a proper blank or a special device to re- program the new key is unavailable. One my fellow locksmith technicians was out working and had to deal with such case of a broken transponder key. He chose to go with this following option as a temporary fix to get the customer back on the road.

The locksmith technician duplicated the key on a compatible key blank by using both pieces of the broken key. Next, he taped the broken bow of the transponder key onto the duplicated key which was without a transponder bow on it. This allowed the vehicle which was a Fiat Punto, to be started and moved to shop that will be able to service and repair it. Our company has used this process in two separate occasions, and I think there is no reason that it would not work for other types of transponder keys as well.

As you may of you noticed by now, the transponder keys adopted a very large bows which is reasonable since the bows contain the electronics that makes this type of system work the way it was intended to. However, this large bow gives the vehicle owner more leverage when turning the key Which may cause a higher rate of broken keys.

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