Thursday, August 11, 2016

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NorthWest Locksmith Portland (503) 825-2124 - Video Dailymotion: At NorthWest Locksmith Portland we offer a wide range of residential, commercial, and automotive locksmith services around Portland, OR which includes Tigard, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Happy Valley, Clackamas and others. We are licensed, bonded and insured. We offer mobile services which means we would travel to your location to provide the services. Some of the services we offer include but not limited to lock repair, lock rekey, lockout, ignition repair, transponder keys, auto key make, high security locks, lockout and more. Visit us or give us a call (503) 825-2124. We are located in Portland, OR.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Automotive Key Make

Locksmith Portland auto key
In a situation where you are out and about where suddenly you realize your house or car keys got lost or stolen, you may get the idea that your only options are walking home or get to the dealership in order to have a new key made. Fortunately, many people don't know, but most locksmith Portland companies actually able to make a new key for your vehicle. In most cases, a locksmith would be able to program a key on the spot for you if the vehicle is equipped with a transponder system.

When a locksmith is called for an automotive key make service, there are multiple methods the technician will use in order to generate a new working key the majority of locksmith companies offer basic key cutting. It would be easy in particular if the make and model of the vehicle is very common and is not equipped with a transponder system. In such case, the cost would be fairly cheap.

Portland locksmith transponder keyNumerous trustworthy locksmiths are able to replace a lost automotive key regardless of the fact that it has a transponder system. A transponder is a chip installed into the key and coded to your particular auto. On the off chance that you lost your key and need an expert locksmith to make a new one, be prepare to provide the registration of the vehicle to determine the correct make and model as well as the VIN number.

A locksmith that offers transponder key programming will carry special equipment to do so. Without the equipment, the key will only operate the locks of the vehicle but not the ignition as the on board computer will not recognize the key. The special equipment allows to program the new chipped key in to the system, so it will be recognized by the on board computer system.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Locksmith Service What to Expect

Locksmith Portland residential service
It is essential to comprehend what's in store for you when calling a locksmith Portland so you will be aware of the quality service you are going to get. The procedure involve several different steps that take you from what the locksmith is doing to what the locksmith ought to do. Having this type of info will enable you to hold the locksmith company you were calling to a higher standard of quality service. Through the following list of steps, you will know what to expect when calling a Portland locksmith company for a service.

At the point where you recognize the issue you are having and know which locksmith company you are interested in hiring all that left to do is make the call. The call will go through the company's office in Portland where a dispatcher will take the call. In the call, you will be asked to provide general information such as your name, location, phone number and a description of the locking issue you are having.

The dispatcher will then contact the technician in the area and pass the information such as the name, phone number, and the general description of the issue. The technician then will contact you (the customer) in order to confirm the information given to the dispatcher and provide an estimate time of arrival. This will ensure the customer is informed and assured that a technician is on its way to provide the service. It is also a good time at that point for the technician to get a little more information from the customer about the issue.

Locksmith Portland lock service
Once the technician has arrived to the location, he will assess the situation at hand and determine what needs to be done in order to provide a solution as well as providing an exact quote for the job before anything is being done. After confirmation for the service has been provided, the locksmith will start working on the locking situation.

The measure of time that it will take to complete the work will depend on the type of service and circumstances. During the service provided, the technician will not cause any damage to your home, business, or vehicle except the possibility of harming the lock system case of a lockout where all other options have been exhausted and such option was discussed beforehand.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Changing Locks

Locksmith Portland Door Knob
When you change your place of living arrangement there are such a variety of things to be done that security may not be at the highest point on your mind. Generally, most people are eager to move their boxes in the new place and unpack as soon as possible so they can come back to their normal life. Be that as it may, what ought to be most imperative to a newly home owner is having the door locks changed to ensure that no other person who may have keys to your new place will be able to use them. Having new locks and keys will guarantee you and your family are the only people who will have access to your new home.

Most of the time, past occupants may still have a few duplicates of your keys despite the fact that the agreement expresses that all keys must be surrendered upon sale of the property. A lot of people are not aware of the fact that homes are regularly broken into by individuals who knew the previous owner of the property. This is the reason changing locks is so critical.

Locksmith Portland deadbolt and leverAdditionally it would be a smart idea to inspect the locks and see how they are inspected by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), who sets the standards for lock systems to make sure that the qualities and level of reliability are consistent for each lock. The evaluation allocated by ANSI will give you an idea of how well the present locks will perform and if you can lock rekey them or you are better off just replacing them.

In most cases, replacing the locks will make more sense while considering having a locksmith Portland do a lock installation for a lock that has a higher level of grading for maximum level of security for your home. Lock systems will be marked with a grade 1, 2 or 3 depending on their reliability. Having a deadbolt installed is always recommended for extra security. The most imperative entryways to secure are the ones that present point of entry to your home such as the front or back door, and even the door inside the garage.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

About Mortise Locks

Locksmith Portland commercial Mortise lock
Mortise locks are an exceptionally well known and vintage lock design, which proved to be a reliable lock system for decades. They are solid and they are dependable. They are likewise moderately diverse in their design. Because of their long life span, it is essential to know how to service this type of lock and diagnose any issue that may occur. With their one of a kind design and construction, the lock can be dismantled and reassembled which makes it conceivable to resurrect this type of lock back to life.  When you learn about the contrasts between a mortise and different types of locks, you might wind up with a more secure feeling.

Mortise locks are generally utilized in commercial settings as a result of their quality reliability. The parts for every model and brand of a Mortise will be slightly different, yet the general design of the mortise intended to withstand most types of abuse. Mortise locks allow for high usage which makes them ideal for business properties which are subject to daily high traffic environment. The mechanism inside the Mortise was designed to be easily serviced by a professional locksmith Portland.

The hardware of a Mortise lock is all solid metal construction, heavy duty springs, and all around durable materials. After many years of service in high traffic commercial settings, Mortise locks normally will need to be heavily serviced or replaced all together.

Locksmith Portland antique Mortise lock
Mortises have distinctive different internal components and mechanism than the traditional cylindrical lock. A traditional cylindrical lock will be more popular on residential settings and can easily be identified by a lock cylinder which is mounted inside a handle or a knob. The mortise lock on the other hand is a combination of various pieces that are constructed together to form a mechanism inside a cassette design case which would fit into a pocket inside the door.

On the off chance that you are the owner of an office or a small business property, most chances the mortise locks are likely the security answer you have been searching for. In the event that you own an old home which is equipped with an antique Mortise lock, you may want to consider having the locks serviced instead of replacing them. A Portland locksmith can provide lock installation and repair services for these types of locks.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Lower Level Locks

Locksmith Portland Schlage Secure Key lock
It is a fact that if you have a lock that would not protect your property properly, would be useless. Not only it will compromise the security of your home, but also put the safety if you and your family in danger. Most professional burglars have knowledge about common types of locks that can be found in residential homes. They will often know exactly which home to target based on the type of lock there is on the front door. There are many types of locks that may still be in the market that you should become aware of that may affect the security of your home.

Schlage is one of the leading brands in the business when it comes to residential security locks. However, even leading brands can sometimes "miss" when they fire. Schlage made an extremely intense case when it started to advertise their Secure-Key line as bump proof locks. However, in the field, that was not the case and this lock proved to be anything but bump proof along with being easy to re-key. What it means is when a burglar has been successful bumping the lock, he can easily re-key it as well denying your access and allowing his.

Schlage Secure Key lock Portland locksmithThe worst thing about the Secure-Key lock that unlike many types of traditional locks in the market, this model was actually marked so it could be easily recognized. This type of lock can be identified by a plus sign that was engraved just above the key-way. Marking the Secure-Key allowed burglars to easily identify and target such lock. Fortunately, the Secure-Key has been discontinued after Schlage realized it had a lot of serious flaws. However, some of these locks may still be securing homes across the country, so if you own one by any chance, know it will not protect your home against bumping.

Now that you are aware of one line of locks that potentially can risk the security of your home, you know what to watch for when shopping for a lock. Here at NorthWest Locksmith Portland we recommend you do a little research online or at least consult with a professional locksmith before making a decision on any type of lock. Security is vital. Assess your situation carefully. There is no such thing as immaculate security; however that does not mean you ought to compromise on a lower grade lock system.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Master Key System

Locksmith Portland Master Key
It seem like many people are fascinated by Mater-Key systems. The interest, most likely, is because of the confusion revolving around the nature of the system. The fact that one key is enabled to open two different doors while another key will only open one of them is what triggers curiosity among people. Is it the key that is extraordinary? Is it the inner mechanism of the lock? To answer these questions, there is some math involved and procedure in which professional locksmiths are well trained for. With a little understanding of the system, you will be able to see the advantages in security such system can offer.

First, we'll go through the different level of keys in a master-Key system:

Change Key - Also known as a sub Master-Key. Essentially, the key would only be enabled to operate one particular lock, or others in the system that would be similar. However, the lock that can be operated with the Change Key could also be operated by the Master-Key or any key above that level.

Master-Key - Without the Master-Key, there won't be any key that would have the capabilities to unlock to different doors in a Mater-Key system implementation. This is the important key to change a standard lock system into a master keyed lock system. In a few frameworks, this will be the most elevated positioning key. In the locksmith industry, a Master Key is also known as MK.

Grand Master-Key - A Grand Master-Key is a key that is enabled to control several Master-Key systems. This key will be responsible to operate any Master Key system implemented under it. Just like a Master-Key, a locksmith will refer to such key as GMK.

Great Grand Master-Key - Technically, the Great Grand Master-Key is the top key on a Master-Key system. It will control any Grand Master-Key associated locks as well as other levels of locks under. The system can be developed beyond that, but it can get too complicated to function properly, so normally most professional locksmiths will stop at that level.

Master Key system Portland locksmith
Most types of Master-Key systems are based on a traditional pin tumbler lock. Such type lock consist of driver pins on identical lengths and key pins in different lengths which are lifted and aligned once the correct key is inserted and turned. In order to convert a traditional pin tumbler lock to be a part of a Master-Key system a Master-Wafer will need to be added between a key pin and a driver pin. Inserting such pin will create two different shear lines inside the cylinder which one of them would be designated for the pin stack with the Master-Wafer.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Lock Re-key Service

Lock re-key service Portland locksmith
It is well known that taking an action such as having your locks at home re-keyed or changed will make it more secure. Be that as it may, more often than not, these two types of solutions often get confused as it is hard to determine at times what needs to be done. Re-keying is the most well-known residential type service a professional locksmith will offer.

On a very basic level, when you have the locks at your home re-keyed, you are actually having the pins inside the cylinders of the lock changed so that they all work with the same new key. It is important to note that this type of service does not entail changing the locks, just simply changing the pins inside the cylinder of the lock. The lock cylinder is the rounded component in which the key is inserted to in order to lock or unlock the lock.

Many people think this type of service is costly; however, having the lock changed can cause much more not to mention having the new locks match the same key.

Frequently, we get called when a lock at somebody's home is broken and should be serviced. At times, this would imply that another lock is required to replace the existing one where at other times; it just means the pins should be balanced and/or other lock components should be serviced. It's normally much less cost if there is no need replacing parts such as knobs, strike plates, cylinders, or other types of hardware.

Locksmith Portland lock re-key
When a locksmith in Portland shows up to service a lock, he usually will make sure first if there is a need to have the locks re-keyed to match the same key. Once the technician is onsite, the re-key service can be done in a timely manner. Having your locks at home re-keyed periodically is crucial in light of the fact that after some time most people have given out a considerable amount of keys to their home, have lost keys, or have put in new locks which match a variety of keys instead of just one.

By re-keying the locks at home and changing the locks to utilize the same key, you make your life simpler, as well as avoiding a situation where people who may got a key to your home and will attempt to use it.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Securing Your Home

Portland locksmith home security
In the event that you have expected to know more about home security, now is your shot. When it comes to your home security you should be very careful regarding the decision you make, and regarding the information you acquire.

In a situation where you moved into a new place, make sure all the existing locks are replaced or at the minimum re-keyed. This procedure is necessary since there is no awareness of to how many duplicates the previous owner made and gave to neighbors or family members. In order to make sure you will be the only one who has the access to your new home, call a locksmith in Portland. A situation where it is recommended to call a locksmith is when you have lost the keys and you would want to avoid a situation where a stranger find the keys and attempt to use them.

Locksmith Portland lock changeIt is recommended to consult a locksmith before you select or pick any type of home security lock system. This is mostly because a local locksmith will most likely will have experience and knowledge of various types of residential lock systems. It is important you make the right choice when it comes to the security of your home, so taking an advice from a professional would be of a decent help.

An alarm system is another great way to ensure the security of your home. With advance technology today, you have many options for reliable alarm systems that are connected to the Police emergency line. In a situation where an intruder will try to break into your home and the alarm goes off, the Police will be notified automatically.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Commercial Property Locks

Portland locksmith Mortise lock
In view of most recent information, break-ins to business properties are at least 10% of all attempts happened in the country for the past year. In order to have the capacity to dodge a break-in attempt happen to your business property, it is important that such property will have the best designed security possible. Fortunately, you will discover Portland locksmith companies who concentrate on offering a wide range of commercial services to customers such as maintain or replace existing locks to maximize security in order to protect against intruders.

It is very common that many business properties utilize electronic Mortise lock systems. Mortise type lock incorporate cassette like design that is normally hidden in a slot inside the door where the only things that are visible are the handle and cylinder normally. While numerous examples of this comprehensively well known lock are for the most part key-based, the business sector has adequately used key-less access method to this style of entryway lock, consequently advancing the utilization of these type of key-less access Mortise locks inside of commercial properties.

The way that many companies work is by having employees on a wide range of positions in which will require specific individual access to different departments in the property. Such setup will require setting with these employees with a special key that will gain them access to their work area while restricting them the access to other parts in the property.

Locksmith Portland master-key system
A locksmith will be able to customize a lock system to a point where employee will have a key that would give him an access to his area of work while restricting him the access to other area. This type of system implementation is called Master-Key which will give higher level employees such as the GM or the owner a special key with complete access to all departments in the property.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Biometric Lock Systems

Portland locksmith Biometric lock
From government buildings, banks, large corporations, and even seen at thriller movies, advance technology locks that has bio-metric capabilities are everywhere! The device works by reading and processing the data received from the scan which will enable access to the user once confirmed. This sort of innovation is known as a bio-metric security framework, through out this article the upsides and downsides of such security framework will be talked about and clarified how these types of locks have become more and more common as a security measure for business properties.

The straightforward meaning of a bio-metric lock is a lock system that would verify a user's fingerprint before allowing access to the property. To access a restricted area of the property, a user would have to use a fingerprint or an eye scan which will be coordinated in the bio-metric security frameworks information data base. Once the security framework confirms a match according to its records, access is conceded. After access is allowed, the bio-metric lock stores the information so you can see who and when attempted to enter that protected area in the property. This kind of framework is an unquestionable requirement for a company, government office or bank; however, is it really needed for residential settings?

Locksmith Portland Biometric lock systemBio-metric lock systems are very common among installation services provided by Portland locksmith companies for commercial and business properties. The demand of such lock system is mostly by customers who need to foresee access to different areas in the property. For instance, as a company general manager or owner, you would not want lower level employees to be able to have access to areas where there is confidential information.

Bio-metric lock framework will permit you to allow particular individuals of your choosing to have access to the rooms they require to be allowed. With these locking frameworks you can see who went into the room and at what time, in the event that you additionally have CCTV or security cameras set up you can check whether anybody was with them and what they did once they were inside that room. These are the sorts of efforts to establish safety much needed to guarantee the security of a property.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Lost Keys?

Portland locksmith residential Key tracker TileEver thought about a solution for lost keys? Sound awesome isn't that right? Never stress over where you put the keys or which one of your family or household members last had the remote control. A new anti-theft device has hit the market in the past year known as the TILE, this little bit of innovation snares onto key chains, can self holds itself to pretty much anything from mobile phones , tablets, remote controls, bicycles and yes, vehicles as well.

For now, this device is only available for Apple product owners which have iPhone, iPod or iPad. However, they will soon be available for Android devices users as well. Once you'll have this device setup, it should give you a location to the item it is attached to within a distance of 150ft from your device. However, in the event that you are not in range yet there is another person with the tile application close to your gadget it will consequently redesign the coverage area of your tile on your application so the more people are using this device and app, the broader coverage there will be.

Locksmith Portland automotive key tracker TileThis device has a speaker implemented in it as well so you can sound an alert to help with finding your item. The tile does not take batteries so you will never need to look around for the right size battery the tile holds a full charge for around a year and after that you will need to replace it with another one. At a decent cost of $20 it's not a terrible expense particularly in the event that you are like most people in the world who just can't recall where they put their phone or keys. As a locksmith in Portland this kind of innovation does not undermine the capacity of our services, we are continually searching for better approaches to help our clients out and obviously the most effortless approach to replace lost or stolen keys is to call a Portland locksmith. However, it doesn't hurt to have a different arrangement in such emergency situations and the tile is by all accounts a good solution for that.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Home Security Breach

Broken door lock Portland locksmithOn the off chance that you need to enhance your level of home security, obtaining and having installed a more secure lock by a Portland locksmith is a big move for ensuring that your house is secure, yet it is by all account not the only thing you can do to keep it secure. Indeed, even high security locks can turn out to be inadequate in the event that they are no installed appropriately or you don't have a solid entryway or door frame. It is very common for a locksmith in Portland to come and replace an entire lock after a break in attempt.

Forced entries are common and done mostly with kicking the door itself in order to cause the lock to move from its respective location inside the door. Normally, apartments doors which are weak are often an easy target for burglars who are looking to break into places using forced entry methods. That is the reason why most home owners are going for solid type doors which will ensure the lock won't get hacked out of place so easily.

Locksmith Portland heavy duty door lock
Regardless of the possibility that a hollowed type door had a deadbolt installed on it, there would not be any real way to keep a burglar from additionally busting through the entryway surface even with that type of lock installed. It is imperative to recall that acquiring a heavy duty lock is an incredible way to enhance home security, yet it takes more than that to keep burglars out targeting your home.

In the event that you need an advice regarding improving the security at your home, it is best to call a locksmith in Portland. A locksmith will be able to come and survey the security of your home giving you insights of what can be improved and will be able to provide a solution as well!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Why Re-key Your Locks?

Portland locksmith lock rekey
Having your locks re-keyed is a basic step that you can take in order to make your life simpler and your home with fresh sense of security, yet here and there it can feel like a hassle. You may wind up asking, "Do I truly need to have my locks re-keyed?" The following is several reasons why you would need to have your locks at home re-keyed.

1. Moving into a new place. If you got a new home, you ought to always get the locks re-keyed in this type of situation. There is no way to tell who might still have admittance to the house, or what numbers of duplicates of the original key are still around. For your security and your significant serenity, it would be recommended to have the locks re-keyed.

2. Other individuals may had their hands on some key duplicates to your new home. This is sometimes inevitable, on the grounds that occasionally you need individuals to have keys to your home. Be that as it may, in case you're not certain precisely who has keys, or in the event that somebody you are not familiar with has had his or her hands on the keys, it's generally preferable to go for the safe option and have the locks re-keyed.

3. Your key-chain has an excess of keys to various locks at your home. Having an alternate key for various doorways to your home may appear like a decent security thought, however its downsides can exceed its focal points. On the off chance that you'd rather have the comfort that originates from having one or maybe two keys to your home, it would be a good idea to have the locks re-keyed.

4. Worn out or malfunctioning old locks. In the event that your locks don't work properly as they use to, if their function seem to be difficult, or in the event that they open very easily–then it's important that you get them re-keyed. Having locks that don't function properly is an advantage over not having locks at all, however, very insignificant. On the off chance that you need to keep yourself and your belonging safe, re-keying is the best approach.

Locksmith Portland lock re-key
5. Lost keys. While it's anything but difficult to ignore the fact that your lost keys might land on the wrong hands, it is a gigantic risk, and it wouldn't be excessively troublesome for somebody, making it impossible to utilize that lost key as an approach to get into your home. Re-keying your locks is a simple approach to ensure that your lost key won't be utilized for criminal purposes.

Obviously, this isn't a complete list of satisfying reasons; there are numerous different times that having your locks re-keyed would be a smart thought. In case you're uncertain, call a locksmith in Portland.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Locked Out of Your Bedroom?

Portland locksmith bedroom door lock open
If you are one of those people that have a lock on your bedroom or even an in home office, then I am pretty sure that you have locked yourself out on an occasion or two. Not everyone has the type of locks that you can grab a butter knife or screwdriver to open. It is actually very common to have a keyed lock on a bedroom. For some, it is because you have roommates, for others, it may be to hide the Christmas or birthday presents away from the kids.

Whatever the reason may be, what would you do if you get locked out? How about calling your local licensed, bonded, and insured locksmith in Portland? They can come out and help get you back into your room. They have few different methods that they can use to help get your door unlocked. They can pick the lock, shim the lock, or worst case scenario, they can drill the lock.

Picking a door lock can be quick and easy or it can be kind of a pain sometimes. When picking a lock, they use a tension wrench and a pick to push the pins up and turn the key way. Different locksmiths will have different picks that they prefer to use and some will try different picks with the same lock. If this method doesn’t work, they will try to shim the lock next.

Locksmith Portland door lock open
When shimming a lock, the locksmith will use a card of different sorts and try to slide it in-between the lock and the strike plate. Some locks are really easy to do this with and some are not. The locksmith may try to go from the top or bottom of the lock. If the lock can’t be shimmed, then it will need to be drilled. Drilling a lock is just as it sounds. The Portland locksmith will slowly drill through the pins in the key-way so that there is nothing in the way of getting the door opened.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Business Lock Re-key

Portland locksmith business rekey
When running a business, one of the biggest things on your mind should be security. Having your business property locks re-keyed shouldn’t be limited to solely to an occasion where you opened a new location or moved to another building. What if you had recently a change in staff? You wouldn’t have a way to know if they made copies of the keys. Keys are copied all the time whether they have a stamp on them that says ‘DO-NOT DUPLICATE’ or not.

If employees have copies of your keys, it is a good practice to have the locks re-keyed in a situation where one of them left your employment or got terminated. Having too many keys floating around can be very detrimental to the health and safety of your company files and products. Another route that you can take is by contracting with a licensed, bonded, and insured locksmith in Portland. Then, at that point, if it becomes a regular habit, you know you have a locksmith you can trust who’ve done the job before and know what to do again.

Another way to keep your existing or new business property secured is to talk to the locksmith about implementing a master-key system. That way, you have unrestricted access to your business, and have other keys that only work for certain locks and which cannot be duplicated. This will restrict employees’ access to areas that you don’t want them to be in. Locksmith in Portland can walk you through exactly how master key system works and the benefits of having it.

Locksmith Portland commercial lock rekey
Another very good reason to have your business locks re-keyed is in a break-in type situation. You never know the full extent of a break-in until it is too late. There could have been a set of keys just sitting out in the open up for on a desk up for grabs because someone was in a hurry and forgot to put them up and lock the office. Calling a Portland locksmith as soon as possible after a break in is one of the best ways to make sure you business is protected once again.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Lock Change vs Re-key

Locksmith Portland lock change
While choosing whether to re-key your locks or changing them, your choice will boil down to a few important factors to consider. Here at NorthWest Locksmith Portland, we're glad to offer you some assistance with securing your home or business regardless of how you choose to go about it. We can offer ability and help on either your lock substitution or re-keying. We'll begin by telling the advantages of re-keying and lock substitution. At that point, we'll begin on expanding the security of your home together.

On the off chance that you've lost your key, had a key stolen, or need to keep somebody out who has your existing key, and you'd like to keep your existing locks, re-keying your locks might be a decent alternative. At the point when your locks are re-keyed, the cylinder of the lock and doorknob are removed from the entryway. At that point, the cylinder and the chamber pins are removed as well. New pins are placed into the cylinder to match the cut of another key. In the wake of re-keying and reinstalling your locks, you can dispose of your old keys and know that anyone who might have the old key won’t be able to use it.

Portland locksmith lock re-keyOn the off chance that your home or business security has been breached, you can have your locks changed for your peace of mind. Our expert locksmiths can rapidly and effectively put in new locks on your entryways so you can remove any worry you may have off your mind. The new locks will be of high grade which were developed to absorb a large number of operation cycles and withstand the power of a potential break-in. Whether you've lost a key or have a fizzled or broken lock, changing the locks will be a good option to keep your home secure.

Both re-keying and changing your locks can be a serious work and require new hardware for your lock. While re-keying locks permit you to keep the locks you have, replacing them lets you put in fresh and undamaged locks. For more info on which type of lock system works better for your circumstance, we have your back at NorthWest Locksmith Portland!