Monday, May 4, 2015

Restricted Key System

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There are many ways a business owner can protect his property by choosing different types of security lock systems. There are the traditional ways of standard commercial grade locks and there are the more advanced technology of key-less entry locks. Most experienced locksmith technicians offer installation and maintenance services for most of these commercial type locks. However, most of the time, choosing a lock for your business can depend on other variables such as the type of business and budget. A good locksmith will find a good solution for every pocket.

I remember few years ago I got a call from a customer who owns a small store in the area. he recently got broken into his store and he was inquiring regrading higher security lock solutions for his store possibly to prevent another break in incident. According to him, he suspected one of his previous employees to be responsible for the break in. Luckily, I just re-stocked my service van with many types of commercial grade locks, so I had a lot of options to offer.

Once I got to the customer's location, I went with him over the options I thought would be most suitable for his situation and the store. Unfortunately he did not have a large budget, so key-less entry locks were out of the question. He also wanted something more than a Mortise lock since that what he had installed. I told him that the issue probably was the cylinder and a restricted key system might solve the issue. However, that was over his budget as well.

Schlage Primus Portland Locksmith
I gave a call to a Portland locksmith co worker of mine to see if he had any other ideas for increasing the security of the customer's store without going over budget. He suggested looking at installing a Schlage Primus cylinder or possibly re-key the existing cylinder if it was a Schlage type. Luckily, the customer did have a Schlage lock installed and I had extra Primus keys with me in stock from previous jobs. I was able to re-key the cylinder to match the Schlage Primus type key that way no one could duplicate the key in the future in the local hardware store and the customer can now enjoy having the security of a restricted key system with the price of a standard lock system.

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