Thursday, January 29, 2015

Tinted Windows Maxima Lockout

Nissan Maxima locksmith Portland
As a locksmith technician, every now and then I would get called for a job where I would think it would not be difficult to do, but ended up with a surprise to spoil my "plans". Most jobs I would usually get are automotive lockout services jobs where people forgot the keys inside their vehicles and accidentally locked the door behind them. For most make and model vehicles every professional locksmith technician should have a manual which list most year, make and models and the specific tools that are recommended to get that particular vehicle open. However, there will be times where I found myself improvising from one reason or another.

I remember few years ago I got called to open a 95 Nissan Maxima. Straight forward lockout job I thought to myself especially since I opened several of these models before. I accepted the job, took the customer information and started driving to the location. Once I got to the location, I knew already I had to use an under-the-window tool even without looking at the locksmith manual since I already opened couple of this type of model before. However, as I approached the customer car, I noticed that all windows were heavily tinted which prevented me from using the under-the-window tool since I couldn't see anything that was going on from the inside. The only other tool I had with me that could be use to open the vehicle was a Slim Jim, but with the type of locking mechanism the Nissan Maxima had, I knew I would not get anywhere using this tool.

Portland locksmith Nissan Maxima
Out of ideas, I called a fellow Portland locksmith of mine to see if maybe he had any idea of what I can do to unlock the vehicle. He suggested I would use air wedges between the window and door frame which will give me a clear access to unlock the vehicle using a long bar. I did not had these types of sir wedges with me, but I was close to the local locksmith shop, so I made the quick trip to get what was necessary to get the job done and get the customer on his way. After about 10 minutes I was able to come back to the customer's location and started working on the car again. Using the air wedges and a long specialty tool I had in my van, I was able to unlock the vehicle in no time and send the happy customer on his way.  

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Monday, January 19, 2015

Deadbolt Modification

Deadbolt install locksmith in Portland
As a locksmith technician, every now and then, I find myself in a situation where I have to improvise in order to find a solution for job. Most jobs will be straight forward where everything that needs to be done is well documented, or have been passed on through training. However, there will times where I would go to do a job and run into a situation where I would have to come up with a solution that obviously was not cover in any of the training I got as a beginner locksmith technician.

I got a call the other day from a customer who just moved into a new house and wanted to add a standard single cylinder deadbolt to the front and back door of the place. Thinking it would be just another standard job, I took the customer's information and headed to his place. Once I got to the house, I noticed that the front door seemed thicker than the usual. Figuring I may have an issue with the tailpiece not being long enough, I decided to start the work anyway.

Getting all the necessary tools and the new deadbolt parts from my service vehicle, I started making the hole in the door, so I could install the new deadbolt. After I was done with making the hole, I first took the tailpiece, so I could confirm fitment before moving on and I noticed it was too short. At that point, I didn't want to stall too much trying to figure out a solution on my own and decided to call for another Portland locksmith friend of mine for advice.

Portland locksmith deadbolt
Once I got my technician friend on the phone, he suggested that I would cut the tailpiece in the middle and use a square stock to extend the tailpiece length. Thinking it was a great idea, I ruched into my van to look for a square stock in the pile of old lock parts I have and continued with cutting the tailpiece. after I cut the tailpiece in half I shoved the square stock in between and stated adjusting it  to the right length I needed. Even though it seem to be a tight fit, I did not want to take any chances and used a special metal glued to bond the tailpiece with the square stock as a percussion. After I was done making the custom tailpiece, I finished installing the deadbolt on the door and tested it with success.      

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Cylinder and Lock Mix

portland locksmith schlage lock
Being a true professional and problem solver in the locksmith field means thinking "outside the box" most of the time. Not all jobs the professional locksmiths face have the solution written in the books black on white. Sometimes, to find a solution that will save time and money will require to be a little creative. Regardless of the type of job I had to do residential, commercial, or automotive, there were times I had to improvise in order to come up with the best solution and work with what I had available to me.

I recently got called for a big job installing brand new lever handled locks on around 100 units apartment complex in the area. The locks that I was replacing seem to be a mix of older Schlage type locks from A and G series. Since there wasn't any requirement by the management to re-key the new locks, I thought it would be a good idea to use the new cylinders with the new locks. The cylinders were all standard front door high security 5 pin type, so I had to come up with some spacers in order for them to fit with the new locks.

Schlage lock Portland locksmith
At that point, I figured my only option was to machine these spacers by myself using an aluminum bar I could find laying around in my van. After I bore the bar and started cutting few pieces, I looked at the spacers already made and realized I was making an aluminum faucet washers. Figuring it might be easier to just buy them at the local hardware store than making hundreds of these, I made the short trip to purchase a pack of these which only costed me few dollars. They seem to fit even better then the ones I made, so I was able to complete the job sooner than I expected.

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