Monday, November 30, 2015

Malfunctioning Door Lock

Locksmith Portland stuck key in lock
A mechanical lock system is normally prone to fail at some point due to wear and tear in time which can affect the security of your home. Some of the locks in the market have mutual issues that may occur to affect the functionality of the lock. Following several simple steps, you can determine if its a minor issue or a serious one which may require the help of a professional locksmith.

Sometimes, as we rush to get inside our homes coming back from a long day of work, a situation where the key just won't fit in the lock may occur. In such instant, making sure you inserted the right key is important as you can cause damage to the cylinder of the lock by forcing a foreign key. If in fact you determined that it is the correct lock you inserted, look at the option of spraying some lubricant through the key-way such as WD-40. It could be that the temperatures outside are fairly low which may cause the internals of the lock to freeze which in such case heating up the key before inserting it might help.

Forcing a key through the key-way and attempting to unlock the door in such situation is never a good idea as you can risk breaking the key inside the cylinder. If in fact you managed to break a key inside the cylinder, before calling a professional locksmith, you can attempt to pull the broken piece of the key out using a pair of pliers. If that attempt failed, the lock may need to be taken apart in order to extract the piece from the back of the cylinder.

Portland locksmith misaligned lock
Other things that can affect the proper operation of a lock are the door accessories such as the strike plate. Sometimes the latch won't catch properly inside the door frame which may point to the fact that the strike plate is not correctly aligned. In such case, a new mortise would need to be crated for the strike plate or the hinges of the doors would need to be shimmed.

For more information about possible door lock malfunctions and solutions, contact NorthWest Locksmith Portland (503) 825-2124.

Residential Lock Repair

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Monday, November 23, 2015

Home Security Assessment

Portland locksmith home security
In today's economy, the home security field is constantly making efforts to improve and develop new innovations at an affordable price that will be effective to the security of your home. If you were looking to make a change to the security of your home, now might be a good time to browse the various options in the market and see where you can improve the security of your home at a reasonable price. As new technologies in the home security field are continue to develop, residential types security lock systems have never been more effective than now.

The first step in the process of shopping for the right lock system for your home would be to assess the type of security that you need in order to properly protect your home. Few things to determine first would be the level of crime in the area of your home, police response time to calls, and others that may affect the type of lock you decide to choose for your home security.

In addition to a proper lock system that would help you to secure your home, an alarm system would be a nice addition as well. Today's alarm systems are much more sophisticated than before as they can be integrated to certain installed lock systems. Most locks available in the market today have wireless capabilities which enable them to be connected to other security devices in the property.

Locksmith Portland home security system
Some security lock systems can even be connected to video devices, smartphones, computers, and tablet so you are able to monitor the security of your own home even when you are away. This can be done even if you don't have CCTV installed as most professional burglars know to identify and eliminate them in case of a break in attempt. However, with various types of advanced security systems in the market, getting the upper hand is possible in case of an incident.

For advanced home security options information, contact NorthWest Locksmith Portland (503) 825-2124.

Automotive Ignition Key Extraction

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Licensed Locksmith

Portland locksmith lock pick

There might be many locksmith in the Portland are which do not hold any sort of certification or license by the state. A certified and licensed locksmith will offer more safety, security and peace of mind when working on your home, business, or vehicle. The following will explain why it is important to hire a certified and licensed locksmith for your security needs.

State license and certification for a locksmith ensures that the locksmith who will come to your home, work or vehicle to provide the service is indeed qualified and train to do so. Properly trained locksmith technicians will normally use specific techniques and specialty tools that will help getting the job done properly without any damage. This can be true when unlocking a vehicle or a property, and installing or re-key a lock.

Locksmith Portland lock installationMost of the time, people would call a locksmith because they got locked out of their vehicle, home, or office. A properly trained and certified locksmith will be able to assist you with such an emergency with a fast and timely matter and without causing any damage. Fresh lock installation for example needs expertise and the right tools which only a licensed locksmith will have. Key origination for vehicles will most likely could be made by a certified locksmith as special equipment and access to a large automotive database is required for such purpose.

Nowadays, technology is widely used in the security systems industry which includes forms of key-less entry locks and access control systems. an untrained and unlicensed locksmith will unlikely to have the proper skills and knowledge to setup such sophisticated system. A licensed locksmith is normally up to date with the latest technology in the field which includes the proper knowledge, skills and tools to handle it.

Commercial Keypad Lock

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Protecting Your Home

Locksmith Portland window break-in
On a day to day basis we found ourselves doing things to protect those who are close to us. It can be actions we do when we drive in our cars, at work, or even at home. One's home is the most important place to feel safe and secure at all times. Unfortunately, break-ins to residential properties is a crime which is very common around the country. Experts state that a home break-in occurs every 15 sec around the country which affect many homes and family with a sense of insecurity. This statistic may sound horrific, however, the solution can be as simple as following few different steps that will help ensure the security of your home.

Many home intruders tend to target homes which may seem easier to break into than others. Scouting for homes where the windows around the property were left open is on the top of the list for any intruder. Looking for spare keys on common places such as a door mat is also one of the methods home intruders use in order to quickly and easily gain access into homes. These type of things is very important to pay attention to and avoid.

After learning what to avoid when it comes to make it easy on intruders to break into your home, the next step would be making sure all points of entry to your home are properly secure with proper locks. When it comes to residential lock systems, there are many options, but not all can keep your home properly secured. What many don't know is the fact the locks are graded by the American National Standards Institute according to a certain criteria before getting to the stores or your local locksmith. The grades range from 3 to 1 with 1 being the highest quality possible when it comes to durability and reliability.

Portland locksmith lock and hardware
Additional hardware is often overlooked but important as well. Most locks will include additional hardware such as strike plates and mounting hardware. It is recommended looking for those who come with brass or solid steel strike plate and 3 inch long screws. These will ensure resistance in case of a forced entry attempt. Doorjamb reinforcement kit will add extra strength to the door and the locks installed as well.

For more information about turning the security of your home, contact NorthWest Locksmith Portland (503) 825-2124.

Double Cylinder Locks

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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Automotive Lockout

Car lockout Portland locksmith
A scenario many people are familiar with is getting locked out of your vehicle in the least convenient moment. You are late for work getting out from your home, or just done at the grocery store and ready to get all the bags full of groceries inside your vehicle only to realize the keys were left in the ignition switch as you were locking the vehicle. It may be possible or not to resolve the situation without calling a professional locksmith depending on the vehicle make and model as well as the locks on it.

If you got into a situation where you find yourself locked outside of your vehicle, there are few things you can attempt to do in order to gain access before making the decision of calling a professional locksmith or in case you are not able to do so at all. If your vehicle's locking mechanism has buttons on the ledge of the door windows, with the help of a coat hanger, you might be able to pull those button and unlock one of the doors. This can be done by creating a small hook at the end of the hanger and sliding it between the window and the window seal on the side trying to get the loop around the locking mechanism button in order to pull it unlocking the vehicle.

Another good method of gaining entry to a vehicle is through the back seat. This situation involve unlocking the trunk first. If there is an easy access to the trunk of your vehicle , folding the back seats of most make and model vehicles should be fairly simple and would get you an easy access inside the vehicle. For these types of situations you may try hiding a spare key in the trunk just in case. However, on vehicles where the lock release buttons are located on the door handle, most chances that a professional locksmith would be needed in order to gain access,

Locksmith Portland lockout service
If you find yourself in this type of lockout situation often, you may want to consider taking few measures. Try think of a spot around the exterior of your vehicle to hide a key. This can be done by putting it inside a magnetic lock box and locate it somewhere no one will attempt to look. In addition, try not to use the power door locks in order to lock your vehicle when you are getting out. This will ensure you will always remember to get the key out of the ignition in order for you to lock the doors manually.

For information about automotive lockout services, contact NorthWest Locksmith Portland (503) 825-2124.

Automotive Ignition Service

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