Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Key Extraction For GEO

We had a job coming one night of a customer that accidentally broke off the tip of the key to her 95 Geo Metro. Although there is not a specific procedure that most locksmith technicians do to take care of the problem, this is what I came up with:
First what I did was to use a blank key and broke the tip of approximately as far back as hers had broken off(if the customer has the remainder of their key, you can use it for this next part) and inserted it into the ignition. This gets the tumblers out of the way. 
Next, I threaded a spiral extractor down each side of the key, using the millings on the key to guide the extractors. 

Then I clamped the key and the extractors together with vice grips, placed as closely to the face of the ignition as I can get them. The key and the extractors should be virtually "welded" together and by the vice-grips. Once that was done, I used a screwdriver handle between the housing and vice grips in leveraged the key and extractors out of the ignition. The tip of the broken key came right along with them.
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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

GM Six-Cut Tip

Generating a working door key for a 6 cut GM is easily accomplished by pole in the glove lock. The glove box lock, as many locksmith technicians know, gives four of the six cuts then I progress the other two. What can be difficult is popping the plug out of the “squeeze type” locks. 

Here’s what works quite well for me: I clamp the whole lock case in a vice with the bottom of the plug facing up. Of course I’m careful not to crush the plug. With my rick retaining ring pliers, I spread the plastic tabs which lock into grooves on the sides of the plug-ins for those tabs as far as possible. Next, I use an automatic center punch to pop the plug out. It’s a quick way to do that and doesn't damage the tabs.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Retrieving Keys From a Lexus

Recently, I heard of a locksmith technician who worked on a 2003 Lexus ES300. The keys were locked in the trunk. Usually it is necessary to order keys from Lexus in order to open the trunk without any damage, and the other option is drilling the door lock.

The technician was able to open the vehicle with an "under-the-window" tool while preparing to pull the panel and hot wire the security system in the door. Before the technician tried to bypass the security system, he noticed that on the driver's side door, there was a plastic access port. Once removed, it allowed access to a T-30 headed screw that was removed. He was then able to easily remove the driver's door cylinder. It was very similar to  an old Volkswagen door handles, except in this case, only the cylinder was removed.

Using a #3 Philips head screwdriver, the technician activated the linkage/security switch on the cylinder which deactivated the alarm and allowed the trunk release to function. The technician got lucky in finding a simple solution where most locksmith companies would have recommended ordering a new key. The customer was very satisfied as well!