Thursday, February 25, 2016

Commercial Property Locks

Portland locksmith Mortise lock
In view of most recent information, break-ins to business properties are at least 10% of all attempts happened in the country for the past year. In order to have the capacity to dodge a break-in attempt happen to your business property, it is important that such property will have the best designed security possible. Fortunately, you will discover Portland locksmith companies who concentrate on offering a wide range of commercial services to customers such as maintain or replace existing locks to maximize security in order to protect against intruders.

It is very common that many business properties utilize electronic Mortise lock systems. Mortise type lock incorporate cassette like design that is normally hidden in a slot inside the door where the only things that are visible are the handle and cylinder normally. While numerous examples of this comprehensively well known lock are for the most part key-based, the business sector has adequately used key-less access method to this style of entryway lock, consequently advancing the utilization of these type of key-less access Mortise locks inside of commercial properties.

The way that many companies work is by having employees on a wide range of positions in which will require specific individual access to different departments in the property. Such setup will require setting with these employees with a special key that will gain them access to their work area while restricting them the access to other parts in the property.

Locksmith Portland master-key system
A locksmith will be able to customize a lock system to a point where employee will have a key that would give him an access to his area of work while restricting him the access to other area. This type of system implementation is called Master-Key which will give higher level employees such as the GM or the owner a special key with complete access to all departments in the property.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Biometric Lock Systems

Portland locksmith Biometric lock
From government buildings, banks, large corporations, and even seen at thriller movies, advance technology locks that has bio-metric capabilities are everywhere! The device works by reading and processing the data received from the scan which will enable access to the user once confirmed. This sort of innovation is known as a bio-metric security framework, through out this article the upsides and downsides of such security framework will be talked about and clarified how these types of locks have become more and more common as a security measure for business properties.

The straightforward meaning of a bio-metric lock is a lock system that would verify a user's fingerprint before allowing access to the property. To access a restricted area of the property, a user would have to use a fingerprint or an eye scan which will be coordinated in the bio-metric security frameworks information data base. Once the security framework confirms a match according to its records, access is conceded. After access is allowed, the bio-metric lock stores the information so you can see who and when attempted to enter that protected area in the property. This kind of framework is an unquestionable requirement for a company, government office or bank; however, is it really needed for residential settings?

Locksmith Portland Biometric lock systemBio-metric lock systems are very common among installation services provided by Portland locksmith companies for commercial and business properties. The demand of such lock system is mostly by customers who need to foresee access to different areas in the property. For instance, as a company general manager or owner, you would not want lower level employees to be able to have access to areas where there is confidential information.

Bio-metric lock framework will permit you to allow particular individuals of your choosing to have access to the rooms they require to be allowed. With these locking frameworks you can see who went into the room and at what time, in the event that you additionally have CCTV or security cameras set up you can check whether anybody was with them and what they did once they were inside that room. These are the sorts of efforts to establish safety much needed to guarantee the security of a property.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Lost Keys?

Portland locksmith residential Key tracker TileEver thought about a solution for lost keys? Sound awesome isn't that right? Never stress over where you put the keys or which one of your family or household members last had the remote control. A new anti-theft device has hit the market in the past year known as the TILE, this little bit of innovation snares onto key chains, can self holds itself to pretty much anything from mobile phones , tablets, remote controls, bicycles and yes, vehicles as well.

For now, this device is only available for Apple product owners which have iPhone, iPod or iPad. However, they will soon be available for Android devices users as well. Once you'll have this device setup, it should give you a location to the item it is attached to within a distance of 150ft from your device. However, in the event that you are not in range yet there is another person with the tile application close to your gadget it will consequently redesign the coverage area of your tile on your application so the more people are using this device and app, the broader coverage there will be.

Locksmith Portland automotive key tracker TileThis device has a speaker implemented in it as well so you can sound an alert to help with finding your item. The tile does not take batteries so you will never need to look around for the right size battery the tile holds a full charge for around a year and after that you will need to replace it with another one. At a decent cost of $20 it's not a terrible expense particularly in the event that you are like most people in the world who just can't recall where they put their phone or keys. As a locksmith in Portland this kind of innovation does not undermine the capacity of our services, we are continually searching for better approaches to help our clients out and obviously the most effortless approach to replace lost or stolen keys is to call a Portland locksmith. However, it doesn't hurt to have a different arrangement in such emergency situations and the tile is by all accounts a good solution for that.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Home Security Breach

Broken door lock Portland locksmithOn the off chance that you need to enhance your level of home security, obtaining and having installed a more secure lock by a Portland locksmith is a big move for ensuring that your house is secure, yet it is by all account not the only thing you can do to keep it secure. Indeed, even high security locks can turn out to be inadequate in the event that they are no installed appropriately or you don't have a solid entryway or door frame. It is very common for a locksmith in Portland to come and replace an entire lock after a break in attempt.

Forced entries are common and done mostly with kicking the door itself in order to cause the lock to move from its respective location inside the door. Normally, apartments doors which are weak are often an easy target for burglars who are looking to break into places using forced entry methods. That is the reason why most home owners are going for solid type doors which will ensure the lock won't get hacked out of place so easily.

Locksmith Portland heavy duty door lock
Regardless of the possibility that a hollowed type door had a deadbolt installed on it, there would not be any real way to keep a burglar from additionally busting through the entryway surface even with that type of lock installed. It is imperative to recall that acquiring a heavy duty lock is an incredible way to enhance home security, yet it takes more than that to keep burglars out targeting your home.

In the event that you need an advice regarding improving the security at your home, it is best to call a locksmith in Portland. A locksmith will be able to come and survey the security of your home giving you insights of what can be improved and will be able to provide a solution as well!