Friday, October 24, 2014

GM Glove Box Lock

Removing the plug from the paddle handle style glove box on GM cars as the Olds-Cutlass Ciera, Cadillac models, and more, to get the last four cuts could be a real hassle for many locksmith technicians if you don't have the privilege of an extra hand. Impressioning those locks shouldn't be an issue and since there is enough 'slop' in the lock, the key does not have to be 100 percent accurate.

Once you have a key that will turn the plug, remove it, turn it over and notch on the bottom of the blade in line with the position of the number one wafer. Remember not to file anymore deeper than the top of the groove. It will be pointless to do so, and there is a good chance that the key will break if the plug will not turn smoothly.

Next step would be re-inserting the key in the lock, then to turn the plug into the 'stop' position, depress the retainer through the hole and turn the plug back to the 'removal' position. Now is when another blank can be inserted, determine your depths and precisely cut an operational key in order to continue progressioning the key.

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Security and Safety

In this country and all over the world in general as well our country today, as well, residents, employees and students all want to feel safe at the place the spend most of their day such as work, school, at home or during traveling even. Business owners and employees require different levels of "safety" to compliment their products and their personnel.

Interchangeable cores is able to offer that extra level of security to anyone. An apartment resident can be confident in the fact that their place of living is safe and secure by using an I-core system. Secured access to authorized individuals does not involve the hassle of keys exchanging hands or leaving the property unlocked for an indecisive amount of time. In the event of a lost key, secured access by authorized individuals will not fail and does not involve the situation of of leaving rooms, restricted access areas or exterior doors unlocked for any period of time.

Teachers and administrators can easily change I-cores to make changes in their security situation. The same is true for government complexes such as post offices, federal buildings, utility operations and large-scale prisons and detention centers. That same degree of security exists for hospitals, clinics and scientific labs. Factories, plants and other commercial sites can change security levels quickly and easily as well. One must not forget small to large retail operations such as outlet stores and fast food places where there may be a situation of a large turnaround of employees burdening on security.

Without having to call a professional locksmith, an interchangeable core system offers an easy and reliable solution to maintaining a safe and secure environment. However, it does not mean that a professional  locksmith technician is not necessary. To the contrary, repining, expanding a system, and maintaining it, will require a skilled locksmith technician that is fully trained doing interchangeable core work.

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

About Falcon Lock Company

In our current American business society, corporate acquisitions are not something new. When it comes to Falcon Lock company(widely being used by locksmiths all over the country), that was certainly the case. Falcon Locks began its a way as a division of Weiser Lock company in 1962 in South Gate, CA. Fred Russell, the owner of the company back then did some research and came to determine that Best® Lock company took over the military, gas, oil and telephone company across the country with the interchangeable core market.

Russell, who had acquired what he believed to be a saturation in the residential market, was determined to achieve a large growth in the commercial market as well. By this point, Falcon had now developed heavy duty grade commercial lock-sets which Best® was not manufacturing at the time. Russell approached Best® in 1967 in an attempt to sell the product, as he was not interested to continue with this line. However, Best® company did not seem to be interested in adopting this particular line. Thus Falcon began the manufacture of interchangeable cores to compliment their housings. However, during this time and the nature of the business, Best® filed a lawsuit against Falcon based on patent infringement. Best® lost the lawsuit because of the fact that their particular patents had expired and Falcon's cores were much more different different.

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