Monday, August 17, 2015

Interchangeable Core Locks

Locksmith Portland Interchangeable lock
Ever thought about how efficient it would be if you could just have the lock changed or re-key in a matter of seconds? Interchangeable cores is the answer! I/C systems are the most effective way to make changes in the security of your locks. Interchangeable core systems normally come in a form of specific locks where the core cylinder can easily be removed with the help of a special key. This is particularly useful in case of a lost key or if a tenant moved out where a re-key would be needed.

The major advantage in I/C is the fact that the core can be changed without removing the lock. Only the core itself is removed and re-keyed to match a new key to operate the lock on the door. Although it sounds easy to deal it, we still recommend having a professional locksmith do the job of re-keying the core itself. However, if you just swapping cores than it might be a job that can be done without the assistance of a professional.

Interchangeable cores come in different security forms which one of them is a restricted key-way. It offers the highest level of security for Interchangeable core lock systems. Medeco is the company that offers the highest quality restricted key-way systems for I/C locks.

Portland locksmith Interchangeable core locks
The other advantage with Interchangeable core locks is the fact that the keys cannot be duplicated in most places. The keys would be stamped with a do-not-duplicate stamp making sure the key will not be duplicated by an unauthorized individual. These keys however, can be duplicated by most professional locksmith companies who has the necessary equipment.

Interchangeable core locks are fairly more expensive than standard locks and thus are more common for commercial type applications. In many cases, business properties who has a high employee turnaround would be a good candidate for I/C lock systems. Office buildings and apartment complexes can usually benefit from I/C lock systems as well. In general, applications that may need to be re-keyed often would benefit from having an Interchangeable core locks installed.

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Monday, August 10, 2015

Re-key For Security

Portland locksmith lock re-key
Lock re-key is a step that will restore your peace of mind and the security to your home. However, many times people tend to ask themselves if it's really necessary to have a locksmith re-key the locks at their home. The answer to that question is fairly simple, once you will go over all the critical reasons for a re-key as a security solution to your home.

Moving into a new place can be an exciting time. However, in this type of situation people tend to forget putting an emphasis on the security of their new place. Re-keying is important as part of the moving process since you can never know who had or still has access to your new home. Multiple copies of the keys were most likely been made and passed on to family members of the previous owner and possibly some of the neighbors. This cause a serious security issue which will require a re-key solution.

Do you find yourself managing too many keys for your home? a re-key could fix that! Without noticing, many people end up with multiple set of keys to their home where each key opens a different lock on a door. This can often create confusion which may result in inserting the wrong key to a lock which will end up stuck and break inside the cylinder. Resolve the situation by having all the locks in your home re-keyed and matched to a one particular key.

Locksmith Portland re-key service
Do you feel that the locks or keys to your home are getting worn out to properly function? sometimes, the pins inside a lock cylinder tend to wear out in time which may affect the lock functionality after many years of operation. At the same level, the cuts on the key can start to wear out as well. Re-keying the locks will ensure replacement of all the cylinder internal components with new ones which will help revive the proper operation of the lock.

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Monday, August 3, 2015

Lock Preventative Maintenance

Portland locksmith forcing a key
Although it is still summer time here in Portland, before you know it, the winter will be here as well. Many people don't realize, but cold weather during winter time can cause issues with the doors and locks that protect your home. The type of issues cold weather will cause to your locks can be fixed. However, they can be prevented as well, so you won't have to call a professional locksmith and spend the extra money on an issue that could have been prevented.

Lubricating the locks and hinges is important regardless of the weather. However, in cold weather, all the metal and steel components inside a lock can start sticking which may cause the lock mechanism to malfunction. When a lock starts to malfunction due to binding parts, it will show signs of resistance when operating it. Although forcing the lock to open may help, you will take a risk by damaging the lock even more or even breaking the key inside the cylinder.

Locksmith Portland lock lubrication
Normally, using WD-40 to lubricate the internals of the locks including the door hinges will help prevent the lock from malfunctioning as a result of the cold weather. After all, WD initials stands for Water Displacement which means that using WD-40 lubricant will help prevent moisture buildup from freezing inside the lock or other moving parts of the door. It is important to understand however that lubricating the locks and other door hardware will unlikely to solve an issues that occur due to the cold weather, but will prevent the issues from happening if used before as a preventative maintenance.

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