Thursday, January 25, 2018

Everything About Lock Rekey

You may be in a situation where you think you may have damaged your locks at home and now they will require a lock change. This can happen if you feel the locks are not working properly when you insert the key. However, the problem can sometimes be easily resolved just by having a lock rekey done by a Portland locksmith. A lock rekey will be much more cost efficient than a new lock installation.

So what is a lock rekey?

If there is any suspicious of damage to your door lock, know that a lock rekey might save it. The way a lock rekey is done is by having the residential locksmith change the pins inside the cylinder to different sizes which in turn will only work with a newly cut key. For a professional locksmith Portland technician it's an easy task. Depending on the situation however, other locksmiths may offer a lock change instead.
Locksmith Portland Lock Rekey
Why call NorthWest Locksmith Portland for a lock rekey service?

A reliable an honest Portland locksmith such as NorthWest Locksmith Portland will always give you the option for having a lock rekey done as a solution to your lock problem . This will normally save you money as well rather than having a new lock installation done. When you call a locksmith, always ask about a lock rekey as a solution for your situation.

In order to perform a rekey, a residential locksmith must have the knowledge on most types of cylinders as well as how pin tumbler systems work. Every respectable licensed, bonded and insured locksmith should have such knowledge.

For the lock rekey procedure to go smoothly, an access to the existing key would be required but not necessary.  The procedure can be done without it as well, but it might take longer and reflect on the price as well. The process of a lock rekey involves removing the lock from the door which the time consuming part of the process.  On the other hand, if the type of lock on hand to be rekeyed is a deadbolt, the process might go a little faster. The reason for that is mostly due to the fact that the removal process of this type of lock is faster.
Lock rekey Portland locksmith
Doorknobs are normally the types of locks that are time consuming to remove and install back during a lock rekey procedure. Especially if you don't have the skills and the tools such as a Portland locksmith, you probably should not try to do it yourself as you might damage the lock in the process or lose important components which will affect the chances of getting that lock rekeyed. A professional locksmith will use special tools to remove all the different parts and will ensure the cylinder is completely accessible for the lock rekey process.

Once the cylinder is completely out of the doorknob or deadbolt, The locksmith will not start the process of the lock rekey. The existing key will play a crucial role in the disassembly of the cylinder which will release plug from it which contains the pins. The locksmith will then use a new cut key to determine the sizes of the new pins to be used in the cylinder plug. Once the rekey process was finished, the locksmith will assemble the cylinder and other components of the lock back together and re-install it on the door.